I Know You’re Staring At Them

I’m Sam. A Cat With Eyebrows. What, you’ve never seen these before?



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  1. Poor Sammy is bent all out of shape and full of anxiety from the staring. Oh wait, that’s just the eyebrows making him look that way. By the way, Sammy, ever think of changing your name to Groucho?

  2. The pictures where Sam peeks into the bathroom or from behind the couch are hilarious.

  3. He needs to be clutching a string of pearls for ultimate effect.

  4. oh Sam…you are really really cute!

  5. *giggles* *picks up Sam* *cuddles*

  6. He’d need a thick black mustache to get away with that.

  7. ok, i’d let sam have treats all the time.

  8. That first face is the one my Francesco makes when we are play-fighting. I call it the Beast Face.

  9. Worried cat looks so very worried.

  10. Kitty has moth eyebrows.

  11. mavisdavis says:

    Martin Scorsese should have this kitty.

  12. Oh, Sam! All your looks are lovely!

  13. Turkish Van cats are THE BEST. 🙂

  14. tommygirl says:

    I saw this picture on Anderson today and knew it’d be posted up here! 😀

  15. AWW 😀 Sammy is such a handsome boy kitty 😀

  16. Is it just me or does he look like Brent Spiner(commander Data) in the first pic?

  17. doloresdadd says:

    He looks perpetually surprised at how handsome he is