Ponies [Wearing Sweatahs]: You’re In The Situation Room!!!

They’ve become a shaggy global PHENOM. Ponies Wearing Sweatahs. CO has been alllll ovah thees story, and now CNN has decided to barge into Cute-land. Welcome to Our World, Jeanne Moos.

And an update from Steph M.: “Jo and Frances own Thordale Shetland Stud together. Fivla belongs to Frances’ younger daughter Flossie, and Vitamin is jointly owned by Frances and Jo. Frances is in a lot of pain due to her back and couldn’t get on the ground to button the pony sweaters, so Jo is the one doing that in the video. I suspect that’s why they had her for the interview and not Frances. I should mention that people who want to visit and meet Fivla and Vitamin (and the rest of the World’s Cutest Pony Herd) can stay at Jo’s B&B.”



  1. I love just about everything Jeanne Moos has ever done and this is no exception. 🙂

  2. OMG!! There’s only one guest room at Jo’s B&B how will we all fit in there?

  3. lol… i’m currently reading Team of Rivals, and one chapter talked about the political convention in Chicago at which Lincoln recieved the nomination for president, and it said there were so many people in town, that they layed out mattresses on top of pool tables in the billiard halls… the mental picture just made me laugh…

  4. WELL! I guess the ponies won’t have to ask, “Does this sweater make me look fat?” They’ve already been told. But I think it adds to the charm–the sweaters just accentuate the very short legs, juxtaposed with the big belly. CUTE!

  5. CO on the cutting edge of world events yet again. Way to go!

  6. warrior rabbit says:


  7. The CO NewsDesk is open 24/7.

  8. Q=What’s cuter than ponies in sweaters?
    A=The accent of the knitting lady!

  9. That’s it. *slams hands on table*

    Book me a plane STAT, I’m leaving for this magical place.

  10. Cutest phone interview EVARRR! “Wull they arrre fat!” Chunky ponies FTW.

  11. poethelena says:

    Cutest interview EVAR! “Wull, they arrre fat!” Chunky ponies FTW.

  12. Agreederer

  13. The lady knitting the sweaters is just so matter of fact about it….loved that the most. of course!

  14. Yes. …and the neck is bigger than a human’s… 🙂

  15. God I loved every second of this.

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    The fact that there’s a pony named Vitamin thrills me. But then the bonus that there’s a pony named Vitamin wearing a sweater? Well. That’s just over the top with wonderfulness.