We Don’t Care How Big Your Eyes Get!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aubrey D. says Charlie Chubbles loves his bun bun. Follow him on Instagram #charliechubbles!



  1. The bun bun is kind of scarey.

  2. Ya know how sometimes a CO picture looks like a weird monkey-or-something face? Well, I saw the top of this one, while scrolling down, as a Peke-like little dogue with TWO HUGE PURPLE TONGUES… or paws… or growths… ! My perceptshons has been permanently altered by CO! Can I use this to claim disability? Most distressing.

  3. lisaLASSIE says:

    Official Letter:

    Dear NurseNoir’s Employer and Reality Perception Disability Department of the Interior and Exterior.

    I hereby declare that NurseNoir is eligible to receive permanently disability. Her ability to distinguish between reality and Cuteness Beyond Reality has been permanentlly disarrayed by hours of watching Cute Overload. Those hours, I remind you, are part of her job description which I have right here—see it?—that’s enuf give it back.


    Please see to it that her disability claim includes even more hours of watching CO to see if Reverse CO Time Discombobulation Therapy can help her. Or not.

    Thank you.
    Signed, The Authorities

  4. *splash*

  5. Dear LisaLASSIE, Esq.,

    Now that I think about it, I believe I’ve seen your ads on TV, very late at night, and I must say you deliver what you promise. I realize now that I am indeed a complete wreck and utterly unable ever to perform any useful function in the outside (non-CO) world. Your clear vision has given me renewed hope that there can be life beyond CO Time Discombobulation Syndrome… or something. If this declaration from The Authorities doesn’t convince my employers to free me from the burden of 40 hour-a-week busywork and actually pay me to do CO’s vital research, nothing will! How can I ever sufficiently thank you?
    Do you need a spokes-wreck? If not, Mr. Angus, the ElderKitten is always available to administer a brisk love-fanging.

  6. emmberrann says:

    Does anyone besides me remember those awful paintings by Keane from a previous era? I’m revealing my age here, peeps!

  7. Charlie Chubbles…? That, folks, is the most perfect CO puppeh name evar. And yes, emmberrann, I remember those awful paintings, too. Charlie Chubbles is waaay cuter. No comparison.

  8. emmberrann says:

    The pugster is anerable, the purple thingie,notsomuch, hm?

  9. the poiple bunneh sceers me.

  10. I love this adorable puppy dog!!!!! He just get cuter and cuter with every CO pic that is posted!! What a sweetheart!

  11. lisaLASSIE says:

    My dear NurseNoir,

    How articulate you are. Your phrase “I must say you deliver what you promise” warms my heart and is so, so accurate. Your case even now is under adjudication and anticipation and I am confident of a successful, even brilliant, outcome.

    And your offer to act as a “spokes-wreck” is equally brilliant! You write with the kind of inattention to detail and obfuscation in which we excel. And yes, you have seen our ads, usually on at 2-4 am on the horror channels, often introducing one of our favorite series, “Finding Abominable Snowmen in Big City USA Today”.

    Yes we would love you to join our firm! You will be so at home here. ElderKittens welcome at the workplace, especially if you work from home.

    Let’s stay in touch.

    lisaLASSIE, Esquiress