I Asked for a Tiara

Pink flowers are okay, I guess. Bling would have been better.

Whether you have a tiara or not, Maggie, you are a Pretty, Pretty Princess. Although you are the only one we’ve ever seen drag her butt.

Charlotte tells us that “Maggie is our family’s little bundle of fluff-joy” and that the pic is by Clare and the vid is by Edd.



  1. *sproing sproing sproing*…..*scoot scoot scoot*

  2. A friend of mine’s cat does that too. At night she does these crazy runs in the house, and sometimes she sits down on her hindquarters, and drag herself forward (not part of post-bathroom ritual).

  3. I called my Chi “Scooterbutt” when he did that. 🙂

  4. Ah, if only I could just log in and do a little bit of touch-up, like I used to… 😉

  5. Remember my princess,

    Wrist, Wrist
    Elbow, Elbow

    Hand never above the tiara.

  6. Watch out for splinters !! 😯

  7. D’aww my sweet family pooch (who we lost last year at 17!) was a Maggie 🙂

  8. Such a lovely little princess! So much excessive energy!

    OT: The scooting means she’s irritated by the blocked sac in her rear. You can clear it up by squeezing it out (kind of gross, but she’ll feel a lot better after).

  9. The pic with the pink azalea is gorgeous. perhaps a bit TMI on t’other….except for people who find it amusing I suppose ….

  10. My tiny chi scoots across the carpet quite regularly (I always call it “rowing a boat”). Our vet taught me how to squeeze her (the dog’s, not the vet’s 🙂 ) anal glands but Lily seems to manage quite nicely on her own.

  11. all part of life with the anipals…

  12. Needs more cowbell. 😉

  13. *ahem* no hovertext on the picture??