From the “Where Are They Now?” File:

Although happily retired and living in quiet anonymity in Boca Raton, FL, beloved 80’s beer pitchman Spuds MacKenzie still has a winning way with the ladies.

Via Malkav. (Update: This is not the actual dog who played Spuds MacKenzie.)



  1. katrinab73 says:

    love it!!

  2. explainer says:

    Uh, Spuds MacKenzie was a lady IRL, and died nearly 10 years ago.

  3. NOOOOO!!! says:

    Wasn’t Spuds MacKenzie a female?

  4. Photo taken in Spain. Spuds MacKenzie died in Southern California. Anyone else confused?

  5. Actually maybe i’m more confused than I though, I think Spuds actually died in Illinois.

  6. The point being…he’s got a big old smoochie on his schnoot! You do realize this isn’t an actual “breaking news” site, right…?

  7. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Bull terriers (aka “Bullies”) are the most beautiful dogs in the world (IMHO).

  8. Spuds was indeed played by a female dog, presumably because boy dogs have, um, certain parts that don’t look so good on TV. 😉 I think we were meant to see him as a dude, though, since most beer advertising is targeted at men.

  9. So glad to hear it! Go Spuds – hope you’re enjoying your Florida retirement!!

  10. Coincidentally, this puppeh is also a girl. Lots of cute bebeh pix if you follow the linky.

  11. And what a smoochable schnoot it is! Mwah!

    Me next pls!

  12. I agree! I’ve been obsessed for years!

  13. So why can’t Spuds have had a winning way with the ladies just because he was a lady? Come on into the next millennium, water’s fine!

  14. Surprised that so many people took the description seriously and didn’t realize it was this thing called a “joke.” After all, Cute Overload is not known for being deadly serious.

  15. NurseNoir says:

    I’m concerned that there is *only* one leep-print on this sweetie’s snozzle. I will not rest until I see my own leepsteek shade on that gorgeous dogue! Love the pink and black design on the tip of that sleek nose, too. They are great dogs, especially the Minis! M’WAH! M’WAH! M’WAH! M’WAH! Mmmmmmmmmmm’WAH!

  16. *snerk*