Cute Overload World Exclusive: Lambs (Wearing Jammies!)

Hot on the heels hooves of Ponies [Wearing Sweatahs] we’ve got LAMBS WEARING JAMMIES.

(Would that make it….”Lammies?”) Meredith T., what’s the story here?

“We have the cutest little lambs at our Orland, CA shelter the Web has ever seen! Two adorable little girls named Elizabeth and Zuri who were born just one week ago today.”

“Now, I know all lambs are cute, but have you ever seen one in pink pajamas? *swoon*”

“And the most miraculous part is that we rescued their mom Dolly (and her mom Polly!) from an extreme state of neglect in December after they were dumped at a high school in Santa Clara, CA.”

“Little did we know that Dolly was pregnant at the time!”

“These babies are truly a miracle and a testament to the strong maternal bonds that sheep possess when they are given the opportunity to stay with their babies (which is sadly a rarity in today’s modern farming world). Would you be interested in sharing their adorable photos on Cute Overload?” [Oh yeah. -Ed]

Photos by Farm Sanctuary.



  1. The turtlenecks make the lambs look like wooly priests.

  2. Lewis n' Clark says:

    that’s exactly what I was thinking, sugitomo!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Look out, it’s a wool in sleeps clothing!

    P.S. Farm Sanctuary is covered in awesome sauce. They do wonderrful things for our anipals.

  4. These are some of the awesomest images I’ve ever seen. Huge thanks to Farm Sanctuary for the WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!!

  5. lisaLASSIE says:

    Hmm, I saw the matching outfits of little school….er, kids.

    But people, there is a bigger question here. And it is Why? Why are the lambkins dressed up? Don’t they have wool onesies on? Why do they have more then one outfit. Why do they have matchingks outfits? And WHY am I not there playing with them? You think puppeh breath is intoxicating? Have you ever smelled lambie breath? It is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  6. Do little pajama-clad lambs count themselves when they can’t fall asleep? These are such darling little cuties.

  7. oh this is many, many levels of adorableness!

    also, wuzzn’t there a sheepy named Dolly once upon a time? is this She of Cloning Fame?

  8. joools in PDX says:

    Me three!

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    giggle baaaaa giggle
    Does awesome sauce taste like mint? Just wondering.

  10. Alléluia en pyjama! … J’entends les voisins qui murmurent….

  11. why i can’t eat lamb.

  12. Dolly the cloned sheep lived from 5 July 1996 – 14 February 2003 (according to the Wikipedia). Also, did you know she was named after Dolly Parton? Because (and Wiki quotes), “Dolly is derived from a mammary gland cell and we couldn’t think of a more impressive pair of glands than Dolly Parton’s.” 🙂

    And, I’ve heard of llamas in pajamas, but never lambies. Their little blue capes look like school uniforms. I want to hug them.

  13. OMG No I didn’t know that!! AAHAHAHHA
    that’s fantastic

    thanks for the update!!

  14. FTW

  15. I was thinking Divinity Student myself.

  16. Too cute! Those pictures are very well done. Enjoyed this very much.

  17. Or any other babies or grown ups! They’re too cute to eat!!!

  18. I don’t know if Fird Birfle is going to be able to handle this much lambie cute! We better get the defribgathingy ready!! 🙂

  19. Ack! Lambies in jammies! My brain is a puddle o’goo, goo I say!

  20. Same reason for me, no babeh animals.

  21. Now I understand why Lisa Simpson became a vegetarian.

  22. ka CHING

  23. er — *collapsed into a messy pile o’ glitter* — dramatic stage “deth” —

  24. The interwebs are officially done, for we have just “seen it all.” Please turn off the lights when you leave. *thud*

  25. I’m confused by your comment, that lambs are not left with their mothers on today farms? I raise sheep and ALL the lambs are left on their moms! Bottle feeding lambs is a chore and a pain. No sheep farmer that I know chooses to take lambs off the mother. Wondering where you came up with that?

  26. tetegrondona says:

    omg they are always smiling!!!!

  27. I was thinking Catholic nuns from the 70s.

  28. I’m with tracylee–that’s a fantastic backstory for Dolly the sheep!

    My knitting commenced last night on Fivla, the white Shetland pony (the sweaters will take rather longer, as I’ve got to design the pattern and find the perfect yarn colors) and then I’ll turn to Vitamin Millhouse, the dark one. Watch them develop at

    Once the ponies are done, I’ll have to do some lambs in jammies–lamjamas, anyone? I’ve got dozens of sheep patterns and this is the perfect excuse to finally make some.

  29. I’m with tracylee–fantastic backstory about Dolly the sheep!

    Last night I started knitting Fivla, the white Shetland pony. Then I’ll do Vitamin Millhouse (Minnie according to her person), the black one. Sweaters will take longer, as I’ll have to mimic the design, find the right colors, etc. Follow the project at

    Next comes lambs in jammies. I’ve got about a dozen sheep patterns and needed a reason to make some. The jammies will be a beautiful touch.

  30. MinglesMommy says:

    SO. SWEET.

  31. I wonder if lammies would wear a Slanket? Or maybe jammies with footies…er with hoofies?
    So confused.

  32. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

  33. can’t… take…lambie cute.. *thud/ded*

  34. Maru in a raincoat, ponies in sweaters, now lambs in PJs. I’m dying to find out what’s on the next episode of “Anipals in redonk clothing”.

  35. 1. Extra credit for all four legs off the ground.
    2. Several of these pix are totally people in lamb suits.

  36. pupfanatic says:

    Oh, um Fird, since you are SO good at bringing the ded back to life, can you please get your paper bag, Hello Kitty defib thing, xanax, valium, shot o’ tequila, and some of those chest paddles. The babbeh boingy in the pink just put me over into the zone of the unknown. I’m scared, quite frankly, don’t know if I’ll make it back..

  37. doomchild says:

    If lambs are allowed to stay with their moms, they are an exception. Calves of dairy cows are separated from their mom within 0-24 hours from birth, and piglets after 10 weeks or so. It’s a huge stress for the animals, and many piglets die after weaning. Listening to a cow cry after it’s calf isn’t a happy sound either.

    aaaaanyway. Lambs! In pajamas!

  38. doomchild says:

    Heya there! Glad to have some company! Here’s your pink pajama, don’t mind the extra-long sleeves with the buckles.. *sproings away giggling madly*

  39. “INCOMING”

  40. doomchild says:

    Fird, that can’t be OUR defibramathingy! It’s not pink nor furry, and I don’t thinks it’s making a soothing sound of the breeze, quietly traveling on the green hills, filled with sproinging lambs in pink pajamas and ponies in sweaters and …
    *” CLEAR!”*
    Phew, thanks Fird, that was a close call!