Spend Bunday With Manny The Maniac

Some videos don’t need a set-up. People, meet Manny. Manny loves Red Bull.

From Maddy T. #WIN.



  1. cant decide between ears or spazziness as what’s giving me the squees….

  2. For some reason, rabbits and human childers have never been high on my cute-o-meter. But that first video?! I melted! Manny’s contentment and the little girl’s look of joy just keeelled me!

  3. If I had all those wires uncovered my Bun would destroy them in seconds!

  4. Manny’s ninja moves remind of John Belushi in Ånimal House

  5. Dey need to water dat wabbit. its eerz haf wilted.

  6. Until now I hadn’t realized that I had a “flop-eared bunny in slo-mo” hole in my heart that needed to be filled.

  7. Alice Shortcake says:

    My cat does this every morning, only with less ear floppage.

  8. *handing Skul a watering can … and a carrot*

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Hopocalypse Now

    P.S. That is One. Big. Bun.


  11. Once A Fish says:

    Do your ears hang low? Can you tie them in a bow?

  12. Once A Fish says:

    Whoops, I forgot “Can you tie them in a KNOT can you tie them in a bow?” …it’s early. Kid songs aren’t my forte early in the morning.

  13. SlaveToCat says:

    Hats off to the people who have the ability to very nice children, bunnies, pets AND white carpets.

  14. princess guinea and ariel says:

    dog is like that when i come home from school!

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. Now I want to live with a rabbit. There is just so much hippity-hopping going on in that first video. I’m amazed that this rabbit doesn’t trip over his own ears. Well. That looked like so much fun that I’m off to go jump on my own bed.

    Bye! 🙂

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow. And the second video: So much dashing about, hopping and nose twitching. *looks about for a rabbit in livingroom*

  17. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. – Until I saw this video, I had NO idea that rabbits have Kitty Freak Out Sessions. 😯

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    If you want to see what living with a rabbit can be like (binkies and the bunny 500), try watching Billy:

    Billy has several videos, and is also a good example because he’s not snuggly. It’s important to know that not all bunnies are into being pet and loved on. Personally, I have always had bunnies that love (need) to be smothered with smooches, but I know I’ve been lucky.

    That said, I loved the dead bunny flop. That is a happy and safe-feeling bunny! But with all those exposed cords, he might not be safe for very long. Certainly the devices aren’t!

    Bunnies are sweet, complicated, and entertaining. I loff them. But they’re not for everyone.

    P.S. — I have poster about ‘everything I need to know I learned from my bunny,’ and one observation is “digest the news daily.”

  19. Rabbit running and jumping about, very cute and funny but flopping on his side to get a belly rub 😯 !! I didn’t know they could do that!!
    The standard little white rabbit I had when I was a kid was not affectionate, that’s why I never understood why people had them has pets. Now I get it!!!!

  20. Manny is such a HAPPY bunny!! So many binkies and so much zooming! I love these videos. Nothing cracks me up like a bunny.

  21. I believe the spazzing is called a “binkie” – when it’s mid-air. 😀

    Those ears are TO DIE for!!

  22. kibblenibble says:

    Where is Tracylee? I theenk she needs to see thees bun.

  23. lisaLASSIE says:

    Queen!!! how wonderful to see you here, dear, I’ve missed you so much!!! ❤

  24. Is that “Bun” Iver on the first video?

  25. Is that “Bun” Iver playing on the first video?

  26. She is a huge bunny!

  27. Looks like he is stepping on them a bit. I know a family with an english lop that holds them back at playtime with a scrunchie! Another one developed head-tilt and got into the habit of picking up his downside ear in his mouth when he wanted to run around.

  28. wendyzski says:

    Oh yes, spontaneous bunny-splosions.!

  29. When they snuck into Dean Wormer’s office! “Blanks, right?” “Riiiiiiiight.”

  30. I think this is what we refer to as “the zoomies” in the cat world.

  31. Vern, that made me smile.

  32. I’m not sure even she could handle this much earage. 🙂

  33. Kari Callin says:

    So THAT’S what the illicit love child of a bunny and a Bassett Hound would look like! 😉

  34. Good call!

  35. MaddyT1971 says:

    Hi Sue! When we recorded that second video, we were fairly new bunny owners and eventually learned the hard way. Now I’m a bit embarrassed by the number of electrical cords in that vid! LOL (in our first two months of having Manny, I had to buy 3 Macbook Pro power cords…he loves those things.

    You’ll be happy to know that we have done a much better job “bunny proofing” the house now!


  36. Nice music as well! What is it?

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    Am I the only one who now has “Just another Manic Bunday” earworm?? Really??

  38. coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Yes! Rabbits can be VERY affectionate and social. Mine used to be very antisocial around strangers but very relaxed and affectionate with us. Now he’s friendly with everyone and flops down for naps no matter who is around.

  39. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Is called binking. They do it out of excitement. I think it’s like all their energy builds up and they unleash it in spurts. For some reason, my bun enjoys doing it near walls and doors so he can kick at them.

  40. Yes. The ears are UNBELIEVABLE!

  41. Good one! As to me, all I can think of when looking at these spectacular ears is “Dumbo” 🙂

  42. 1st clip @ :45…..ded. Bunneh does “the flop”. Ded.

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    Why am I in moderation? And for so long?

  44. Is it just me or it that rabbit huuuuuge!?

  45. I’ve always adopted rescue buns, which generally weren’t socialized as babies so they aren’t ‘snuggly’ per se. Most like attention on their own terms – when they approach you and have the option to run away. My current bun hops up on the couch next to me for several good rounds of facerubbing every night. Her version of the ‘Bunny-Crazies” is to madly run up and down my long front hallway – often at 2AM.

  46. I imagine Manny yelling, “Hiiii-yah!” in that first clip. Hilarious!

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    WOW! I had no idea!

  48. Queen of Dork says:

    My heart just filled with joy because you said that! 🙂

  49. Who doesn’t love a good binky? I have to say though, that the bunny flops are my favorite. Mine will flop and then wiggle around on his back like he’s scratching an itch. So cute! I am in awe of all of the unprotected wires in the second video and how that bun doesn’t even care. That would never fly in my house!

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Gosh. I’m learning so much about rabbits from this thread that I never knew about them. I didn’t realize they were such playful and amazing aminals. I really didn’t. It’s fun to read about how cool they are! What about the pooping? Do they poop all over the place or can they be litter trained?

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    Oops. I meant to say animals, not aminals. I really can spell when I try hard.

  52. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    They can be litter trained. Mine stays out for hours and will just fidget when he wants to go back to use the box. when we let him run in the hall and put the box in there, he knows where to go. Rabbits are very smart!

  53. phred's mom says:

    Rumor has it they can be litter-trained,
    but I have no first-hand bun experience,
    other than the one that bit me on the b**b
    when I bent to fill his dish. He did not
    stay with us long enough to be litter-trained
    after that. Guinea pigs are nicer, imho.

  54. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Not anywhere as big as a Flemish giant! This bun isn’t all that big. Certain breeds, like flemish and rexes, are just larger. Dutches tend to be smaller, IIRC.

  55. They need to be speutered,and generally litter-train themselves. Boys tend to be sloppier than girls. They do “territorial pooping” to mark their territory, but we really can’t smell it and the little cocoapuffs are easy to clean up. My bun occasionally kicks a few poops out when jumping out of the litterbox but is otherwise neat.

    Rabbit.org is a great place to start for practical info on buns. You do need to know what you’re getting into – they nibble on stuff, so you usually need to block off or fasten down wires. But if you do your homework, they can make great pets.

  56. wendyzski says:

    *nods* Just like dogs, there are lots of breeds and sizes. Some dwarf buns top out at 2lbs (though they usually have exceptional rabbitude to make up for it) and some giant breeds get up to 20lbs and more (and bigger ones tend to be lazy.

    I have a friend who adopted a 3 month-old Flemish Giant and he’s already the same size as my fully grown Satin.

  57. Queen of Dork says:

    Gosh. I’ve always had this huge soft spot for cats, hamsters, turtles and frogs. Now I have this adoring love for rabbits, too.

  58. Somewhere in the ether, Beatrix Potter is muttering about seeing a copyright lawyer.

  59. It’s just another Manny Bunday
    I wish it stayed Bunday
    Cause that’s my funday
    And I can hop bunday
    It’s just another Manny Bunday

    (Sang by “The Bun-gle”)

  60. don’t know ’bout the why
    but I can mention that sometimes CO hallways echo on the weekends (ie fewer staff present, possibly?)

  61. YAY

  62. Very cute, but still, I would be much happier if those people covered all those cords in the living room – waaaay too many exposed cords.

  63. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Aw, a shame. Rabbits aren’t very aggressive, in my experience. Nipping and biting usually occur before spaying or neutering because of the hormones. I hope you didn’t give it away because it bit one time. All animals bite.

  64. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I think a lot of people get put off by the poop, which is weird because a) all animals do it b) it’s better than dogs, where you need to walk them and pick them up and c) they use boxes, just like cats.

  65. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I agree floppage is the best part of the video.

  66. Holy Cow, I am just used to seeing them outside my apt wild, eating grasses and they are no-where near this size! I want a HUGE bunny now!

  67. And really, those hard little poop balls do not smell–if you crush one, it’s just hay inside! The kind that are more wet you never see (if you do, to the vet–STAT!) Neutered males may still leave some poops around if you have other rabbits sharing the territory. Rabbits are endearing pets if you really let them become part of your family, like you would a dog or cat, and not keep them in a cage or outside! 🙂

  68. ‘Splosions are my favorite part of having a rabbit–and the roll at the end of the first video?–pure bunny contentment! 🙂

  69. My dutch/mini-lop mix, Alexi, and I had a game called Foosh. I would pass my hand quickly over his head–like an airplane–and say “foosh” and he would pop straight up into the air, and hit the floor running in crazy directions all over! Sometimes he would pop straight up and turn or flip mid air and come down facing a different direction! I was worried sometimes that he’d miscalculate and run into things, but no matter how complicated his speed runs became, he never did. I would laugh sooo hard and that would make him take off again in a new direction. It’s been 5 years since he passed, but I still really miss him!

  70. Yes, massive squeeing at the flop! Also, the girl’s expression is so wondrous; obviously it’s her first experience with a bunny flop!

  71. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Not that cleaning waste is a joyful experience but since we all have to do it, the upside to rabbits is that their waste is more or less just hard pellets. After you dump out the litterbox whatever has been scattered you can suck up with a regular vacuum hose.

    Queen, if you really want a rabbit definitely check out the house rabbits society site that Wendyzski recommended. It’s an invaluable resource. And there’s a listing of local chapters if you need any help looking for a rabbit that would fit in well with your lifestyle. Mine is pretty independent. He doesn’t get the run of the house but he gets a big dedicated play space to stay in while I’m at work. He gets to run around in one of the carpeted rooms and sit on the sofa.

  72. warrior rabbit says:

    Plus you can put the poop right on a plant. Can’t do that with a dog or cat. (Love dogs and cats, too.)

  73. MaddyT1971 says:

    That is “Bun” Iver. 😉 Love that music. 🙂

  74. MaddyT1971 says:

    Julia – that was when we were clueless and new at bunny ownership. Manny has taught us well now and there are no more wires laying anywhere. Fully bun-proofed house now! LOL

  75. MaddyT1971 says:

    Yes, yes. We didn’t know any better back then. I’m a bit embarrassed by the video because of all the cords but the bunny is safe now and so are all of our electronics. Took us awhile to figure out how much they truly loved chomping on those things! LOL

  76. villyjean says:

    I used a giant French Lop named Punkin. He was very snuggly, he would snuggle with anyone that would let him. Human, feline, canine, he didn’t care as long as he could snuggle. And he played fetch, at least his version of fetch. I would roll a little ball down the hall, he’d hop after it and push it back with his nose. I love all bunnies, but I have an especially soft spot in my heart for big bunnies, and my Punkin took the cake. If I slept too late on the weekends my mom would try to wake me up by letting another animal in, assuming the animal would want to play and would wake me up by making a commotion. Instead I’d simply lift the blanket and said pet would jump up and snuggle. I’d end up in the center of a ginormous interspecies cuddle puddle and Punkin just LOVED to be right in the middle of it.

  77. You’re obviously a very good bunny parent, since he appears to be so happy! 🙂

  78. Heh heh… I went through the same process when I started fostering a bun. I was absolutely clueless about what I was getting into. He really changed the whole house. Unfortunately I only had him about 4 months before he crossed the rainbow bridge.

  79. What a lovely picture. 🙂

  80. We all have to learn the hard way.
    I buy earphones in bulk now…

  81. wendyzski says:

    Oh yes! Bunnypoo is one of the few manures that is safe to use directly on plants! I have the nicest deck garden on my block thanks to my furry little fertilizer machine. Bunny eats greens, bunny makes poo, that helps grow more greens…..

  82. wendyzski says:

    Giant buns eat more and don’t ted to live as long as the medium sized buns, but they also tend to be lazy love-sponges. Of course, all buns are individuals, but that’s generally true.
    Tinybuns often have ‘short guy syndrome” and are bossy and hyper. Also, in general girls are feistier than boys. They do NEED to be speutered though – bunnyboys spray like little lawn sprinklers and STINK, and intact females have an 85% chance of reproductive cancers before age 4 in addition to being moody and bitey one they hit puberty. But if speutered and given regular and proper vet care you can expect most to live 8-10 years. I know a dutch that lived to be 16!

  83. wendyzski says:

    I’ve a good friend who had a Frenchie that loved his feline siblings. They would play chase and argue about who got to use which litterbox. When both cats died within a few months (of unrelated causes) the rabbit pined and stopped eating. She took him along to the shelter when she adopted 2 more cats. He passed away at the age of 8, and now the cats have a 3-month-old Flemish Giant bunnyboy to chase and wash.

  84. Coffee Cup says:

    Mine is about 6 pounds, so probably not as big as Manny there but bigger than a typical dutch. He looks big, but it’s mostly fur.

  85. Do your ears hang low?
    Do they wobble to and fro?
    Can you tie ’em in a knot?
    Can you tie ’em in a bow?
    Can you throw ’em o’er your shoulder
    Like a continental (or regimental) soldier
    Do your ears hang low?

    Do your ears stand high?
    Do they reach up to the sky?
    Do they droop when they are wet?
    Do they stiffen when they’re dry?
    Can you summon o’er your neighbor
    With a minimum of labor?
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    Do your ears flip-flop?
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    Do your ears flip-flop?

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    As you fly around the town?
    Can you shut them up for sure
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    Do your ears give snacks?
    Are they all filled up with wax?
    Do you eat it in the morning
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    Do you eat it with a scone
    Or do you eat it on its own?
    Do your ears give snacks?

  86. warrior rabbit says:

    I always feel like I’m throwing away black gold when I change her litter box, but I live in a condo with a small patio, just a couple container plants, no compost, etc.

  87. Awww, that’s sad (though very sweet). We had a lot of birds. A couple of big ones (cockatoo and a macaw) but mostly they were little (love birds and cockatiels). The big ones were too grumpy to be out and about with Punkin, but I would sometimes set up a card table in my bedroom with some toys that the little birds would play on, and Punkin would sprawl across my bed to watch them. Often they would choose to play on him instead, and he didn’t care one bit. There was a constant stream of new friends for him (we did a lot of rescue, foster, and rehabilitation work) and I don’t think he met a furry (or scaly, or shelled) animal he didn’t like.