Theirs is but to Make Us Le Sigh

Ours is not to wonder why.

Kelly G. writes, “This is my adorable Sharpei, Roscoe, sleeping with my cat, Little Brittle (formerly known as Itty Bitty). This is proof that cats and dogs can live together in harmony. By the way, I rescued Brittle after my brother found her meowing outside of his bedroom window last winter. She was abandoned by her mother and had to be bottle fed until she was big enough to eat on her own. Now she’s part of my furry family and BFF’s with the best dog friend a cat could ask for.”


  1. *whistling sound of something falling through the air*….CRASH! that’s me…ded from the sweetness posted above :)

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Oh, that must be one of those new hybrid breeds, a Sharpurr.

  3. Clairdelune says:

    Oakley, your wit is razor sharp! And early in the morning, yet! ;-D

  4. That would be a “Sharpurr” image….

  5. There is nothing more comfortable in the entire world than the shoulder of a good friend.

  6. *two thumbs up*

  7. *two thumbs up*

  8. You have four thumbs? :)

  9. that would total FOUR thumbs up —
    thanks to the New, Improved CuteOverload Mainframe …..*mischevious giggle*

  10. do shar peis naturally have tiny little ears disproportionate to their giant lovely faces? or is it a docking situation?

  11. I think tiny ears on Shar Peis are natural.

  12. They are naturally like that. It’s cute but Sharpei often have ear problems because the ear flap so close to the head and doesn’t allow much circulation and they get ear infections.

  13. Whoops! You beat me to the comment, because I got distracted on Google, lol!

  14. Shar pei’s ears are naturally small. They are not docked.

  15. From their matching expreshuns, I think their having the same dream.

  16. *taps on the public address system microphone…

    “Attention….Can somebody please locate a Marc Antony Experience Tag???
    Thank you for your cooperation “

  17. Not to mention interspecies snorglinks.

  18. Want. Both.

  19. Creamsicle shar pei makes a nice warm kitty blankie.

  20. Makes me think of my two boys Rocky and Casey.

  21. Your kitten’s store sounds a lot like mine. We heard a meowing in the bushes below our bedroom window, halfway through October when it started to turn cold. We pulled out a half grown kitten and spent a few days looking for an owner. We started calling her “Little”, and we now call her Lily with the nickname “little bittle”.

  22. AWW :D I am so glad you are able to give sweet Lily a loving forever home, Kitty B :D

  23. That is too cute. Kitty’s have a way of warming our hearts. :)

  24. *is dead from CYOOOT!!!*

  25. Can we have more of this adorable pair?

  26. victoreia says:

    “Dogs and cats living together! Mass Hysteria!”

    (You *know* it had to be said!)

  27. *burrows in between prettee pupee and tinee tabbee, falls asleep*

  28. AWW :D I am so glad that you are able to give sweet Brittle a loving forever home, Kelly G :D Looks like your dog, Roscoe, loves his new friend :D


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