The Return O’ Kikuma & Silvey

Through extensive detailed scientific investigation and all sorts of CSI and Hawaii 5-0 crime lab stuff, we’ve pawsitively determined that this IS Kikuma, thus avoiding another ID kerfuffle. [More likely because it says the NAME on the video clip. -Ed]

Sender-Inner AT: “Was totally gobsmacked [GREAT word- we need more gobsmacked posts. -Ed] to see all the pictures in one go LOL.

“Also one of your commenters brought up an old one I forgot I uploaded for the breeder 2~3 years ago. And, um, I forgot the password and couldn’t access the old account lol.”

“Um, this is Silvey. She’s the easiest to recognize because she’s exactly as her name describes: Silver. Silvey is Kikuma’s aunt. Literally. She’s so tiny she makes Kikuma look like The Hulk. Under 4″ tall at nearly 6 years old.”




LOL thanx again AT LOL.



  1. Four. Inches. Tall. Srsly, how can you take yourself srsly when you’re Four. Inches. Tall. I ask U.

  2. Silvey has a single wackadoodle eye in the first and second pictures. Both dogs are unreal.

  3. good get. i was too busy being mesmertized by the wackadoodle tongue to notice

  4. Silvey is completely redonk. What a fantastic little thing. Her ears may be the biggest things on her teeny little body.

  5. rescue gal says:


    Now let’s see if this comment actually makes it in.

    [Does that answer your question? –Ed]

  6. rescue gal says:

    Yea, I didn’t think that comment was going to get through. Wasn’t flowery enough.

  7. rescue gal says:

    I know- it is rainbows here or nothing.

  8. I’m in the frame of mind to respond to Rescue gal so hopefully this makes it through.
    Rescue Gal: you have a passion for animal welfare that is unrivaled by anyone else posting here. Advocating for the animals who can’t speak for themselves is thankless work. For that I commend you.

    Word of advice: hostility and negativity does not help your cause. Advocate for the animals. Garner support through your love of the animals.

  9. I support your cause, and feel bad that the less flowery comments don’t make it here. Probably this comment won’t make it either. I wish CO would use it’s incredible power (tho not as incredible as that of feline overlords) that is publicity, and promote animal welfare instead of promoting problematic dog breeds and teacup puppies.

    Still, I also thank CO for all the wonderful rescue pet stories, and I believe many pets have found new homes thanks to CO. Best wishes to CO and to Rescue gal!

  10. Why should anyone take themselves seriously to start with? 🙂

  11. UnrulyJulie says:

    First of all–I just squeed my pants due to all the cuteness. Ironically, that is a masterful segue (that’s how we used to spell segway, until that two-wheeled thingy came out) to my second point: That little outfit Silvey is wearing *totally* reminds me of a teensy pair of underpants. Goodness gracious that doggy is cute. Underpants or no. 🙂

  12. *YAY cute animals * *YAY healthy happy animals*
    *YAY for humans treating animals with love and nurturing*

  13. Thank-you, UnrulyJulie. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought she was wearing mini-knickers at the wrong end.

  14. So Kikuma teaches us a lesson…when the hoomin says ‘gimme’, she nods “NO!”. But when hoomin says ‘please’, then the ball is given. Doggehs are teaching us manners! (caveat: however, when I asked my kittehs to pleeeeease not barf on the new comforter, it did not work 🙂 ).

  15. Not true, rescue gal, this is the first time I’ve seen any of your posts, much less anyone else’s redacted. People have constructively commented their disagreement or dislike on CO and their posts remain. The key word: constructively.

  16. Hello rescue gal and doomchild,

    I did extensive background check that the breeder is a reputable one before buying. She’s a lovely lady with a gorgeous patch of hill to call her own and does selective breeding; it’s not a puppy mill churning out sick puppies 24/7. I feel obliged to defend her here because several friends had bought from her and are very happy with their healthy lovable pets.

    Otherwise, thank you for your passion in your fight against animal cruelty and bless CO for their tireless work.

    ps. My childhood companion was a rescue dog, and she was every bit as bright and beautiful as purebreds.

  17. i absolutely agree!

  18. Michele Kiger says:

    Regarding the kitten making funny sounds – that’s a “chittering” sound cats make when they see prey. It’s like they’re asking it to come to them. My cat sits at the windows and chitters at birds and squirrels. It’s just part of their vocabulary.

  19. lisaLASSIE says:

    I think I can guess what Rescue Gal wanted to say. And before I go further: CO is meant to be a site for looking at and commenting on Cuteness. There are a lot of comments that are simply not meant to be here. And while I appreciate Doomchild’s thinking, there are so many “problematic” breeds, especially dogs, that CO would have to withdraw many, many many photos. Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, doxies, Shar Peis, Pekingese: and Persians among cats are just a very few of innocent animals that have numerous life long health problmes because we have bred them for style, not function. (And yes I know that not all of them have problems but most of them do.) And because I have presented this in a very positive way, I am sure theat CO will print it and that Rescue Gal will read it. I don’t have a dog, but unless I need one for a very specific task (like herding sheep or for protection) I’d get a mutt. Thank you.

  20. lisaLASSIE says:

    Well, I was wrong: I’ve been tossed into Mod Lounge. And I’m hungry. Luckily, the last poor soul unfairly caged here left fresh salad for lunch and a carrot cake for dessert. I wonder if a little piece of carrot cake on the floor will attract bunnehs? Let’s find out!

  21. >And because I have presented this in a very positive way, I am sure theat CO will print it

    Nicely put.

    And long live print!

  22. Did you say FOUR. INCHES. TALL????


  23. Wow. I got censored for commenting on overbreeding, too. Good job, CO.

  24. Actually, you deserve all the credit.

  25. Lol! 🙂

  26. Brava, Sharpy–love that rapier wit. Hope I’m always on the right end of it. 🙂

  27. Eh, I find the term ‘responsible breeder’ a bit of an oxymoron but I hope that these little guys are healthy and happy.

    Not fond of the teacup trend either but I also have issues with bulldog breeding. Just me,