Philosopher Bunny Struggles with Truth

The days pass like shadows, creeping up walls until all is darkness and night. I pace from room to room, endless as the dim twisting corridors of my soul, seeking answers that do not come. From the other room I hear her call to me, like a desperate angel, powerless to break the chains that bind me to this world of woe.

“You gonna finish these carrots or what?” she softly asks.

Or what, I muse to myself. What… indeed?

We take you now to sender-inner Elizabeth S. at our Too Much Information desk: “Here is a picture taken recently of my bunnies Plushie and Twinkie. They’re brother and sister and absolutely inseparable. We had to separate them before they were spayed and neutered. Plushie would try to break out of his cage to go and see her. He was successful… TWICE.”



  1. existential bun! I Kant believe it.

  2. That is just so much awesome.

  3. skippymom says:

    I read the title as “snuggles with truth”. Thank goodness I get to go home soon.

  4. and hopefully tomorrow will be slow.

  5. Plushie would obviously rather be called Albert……

  6. skippymom says:


  7. Gorgeous…looks just like my bun 😉

  8. Does Plushie know Henri le Chat Noir? I think the buns probably have it in the bag for existentialism with their inherent “disapproval” gene…

  9. Perhaps a mathematician rabbit pondering the Fibonacci Sequence? Fibonacci himself was pondering the multiplication of rabbits…

  10. I heard echos of Henri as well.

  11. I’m not detached enuff to be clevaire or philosophicale tonight.

    FUNNY, well-written and accurately developed stuffs, Mike!!! aka W00T!!!

    Oh and bunnehs = cute & floofy!!!!

  12. wow I leave a compliment and even THAT gets Modd’d.

    ah well, I suppose it’s appropriate under this post. AND the bunnehs probably approve of the Moderation Machine’s repressive mechanics!!!

  13. PS: * for some inexplicable reason*,
    I am charmed by the idea, of a Too Much Information Desk,
    which Mike has introduced in this post ….

    Shifty Eyes

  14. anerable buns, and a wonderful example of NOMTOM wonderfullness.

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    Bunnies really are deep thinkers, lol. And also id machines. And the one in front reminds me of my Daphne…

  16. 260Oakley says:

    Schopbunhauer would approve.

  17. This bun has clearly been losing sleep, pondering the mysteries of life endlessly. Look at the bags under the eyes.

  18. The prose is breathtaking in its profound understanding of the desperation implicit in the human condition, which, though nearly untenable at times, must nevertheless be endured. Endured, despite its pain, frustrations, and seeming contradictions. Ah, Satre, how well he knew!

  19. Surely, you mean the bunneh condition.

  20. 🙂

    admirably expressed both uv ya

  21. (oops)

    slight mend: “saRtre”.
    Not that anything matters, ultimately, in the Grand Scheme of Nothingness.

  22. Me too! They should get together and discuss great philosophical thoughts.

  23. Elizabeth S. says:

    I actually had a bunny named Albert. Plushie and him never got along lol

  24. Elizabeth S. says:

    LOL I love this. Plushie is actually a very deep thinking bunny. What I meant meant by he was successful Twice was that he would just break out of his cage and go and stand by hers and they would both look at each other lol

  25. Henri was what I thought of as I was reading. They are kindred spirits.

  26. lisaLASSIE says:

    NO! I can take no more!! NOMTOM, I just arose from a sobbing hulk of prostrate bleakness on the floor. Which is covered by wool rug. And i’m allergic to wool. So now in addition to weeping with almost inarticulate emptiness I itch! I refuse to accept a world in which bunnehs are so unhappy. Leave that for unworthy humas please!!!! You heard me NOMTOM, don’t pretend you dint. Don’t make me put my hands on my hips, tap a toe, glare at you and then wag a finger at you!!!!

  27. Oops! Got too engrossed in the philosophizing & missed a keystroke. Thx for your sharp eyes, Mlle. Fird.

  28. Even as we rail against the uncaring universe, it stares back at us from the void, silent, cold, and uncaring.

  29. I now have several buns laying around the house. So when I read that “He was Successful Twice”, I understood that as you needing to come up with more bunny names… Thank You for clearing that up. 🙂

    Also an FYI, I have had the suprise of knowing that one of my buns was able to become “Successful Twice” even through the hutch grill and his mates hutch floor started six inches off the floor. They alternated being outside until the adopted “neutered” bun had to revisit the Vet. Nature always finds a way I guess :/