THIS JUST IN: Scottie Pinwheel

[Scottish accent]

“Here’s to the heath, the hill and the heather, the bonnet, the plaid, the kilt and the feather!”


Sent in by bonny lass Molly B.



  1. Eeeeeeee! The glurpings!!! So cuuuuute!

  2. Would they turn counter-clockwise if they were South of the equator? Just wonderin’.

  3. Too. Much. Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *dead faint*

  4. *gouges own eyes out with a buttonhook,
    b/c I can NOT have just seen what I think I just saw !!!????*

  5. After the fully-sweatered Scottish ponies of yesterday, these guys look kinda nakey!

  6. tommygirl says:


  7. emmberrann says:

    Eeeuw, Ms. Birfle! Not egzackly a mental image I want in my haid! I, too, could not believe my eyes, andhad to review thevid, and re-review it. But doggone, it made larf out loud, yes it did.

  8. OK we have; Mark, Luke, John…Nigel and Analise 😯 !
    What? She ran out of apostles names she liked or are those two little devils? 😆

  9. Clairdelune says:

    OMG!! A solid black pinwheel, with a cute wagging point on each spoke…making slurpy noises… too much. I’ll need some time to recover from this one.

  10. You forgot Matthew.

  11. The Original Jane says:

    Dang! You beat me to it.

  12. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at the pinwheel. Even felt an urge to blow when the wheel stopped spinning towards the end. So prosh!

  13. D’aw – Scotties with milk mustaches!

  14. Dat woz jus’ loverly. A combination of my 2 favourite things on CO; cute & funny.

  15. You haz a buttonhook??
    I guess they seem to think there is more milk in a different part of the bowl.

  16. This is ridiculous!!!! And by ridiculous I mean the cutest thing I have ever seen (and I check the site daily so that’s saying something). I need a scottie this instant!

  17. teeny stubby laigs!
    wee little waggeh tails!
    sticky uppy ears! (omnomnom)
    and you just know they have the beginnings of those awesome scotty eyebrows

    but the most important question of all, is, if I get goat’s milk, will I get to have a scotty pinwheel in MY kitchen??

  18. phred's mom says:

    Gigi didn’t forget Matthew, Molly B. did
    or maybe she didn’t like that name.

  19. Double checked and yup Molly did say Matthew, but with a cute accent that made it sound more like Mee-a-thew.

  20. immediately thought of the old children’s show from nickelodeon.
    Pinwheel, Pinwheel spinnin’ around.
    Look at my Pinwheel and see what I’ve found.
    Pinwheel, Pinwheel spinning alright.
    Spin me good morning and spin me good night.

  21. That is laugh out loud hilarious. Almost spewed my soup all over them.

  22. The Original Jane says:

    All four were disciples and wrote the four gospels but only Matthew and John were of the 12 apostles. (I did wonder where she got Nigel and Analise.)

  23. The Original Jane says:

    Now I have an image of a person leaning over and blowing on them to keep them moving! lol!

  24. They’re churning!

    And, how does she tell them apart?!

  25. fleurdamour says:

    It’s like the other post said, some people react aggressively to intense cuteness.

  26. IrinAkaee says:

    I laughed out loud for over a half a minute!!!

  27. Are you kidding me?!? That is just too adorable. And silly. Completely cracked me up–such little cuties.

  28. YES!

  29. Laura DragonWench says:

    Busby Berkeley would be so proud!

  30. Laura WINS tha Internet AND Broadway too!!! 🙂

  31. Tracy Garloff says:

    Wow! You can hear the gulps of milk going down!

  32. Why do they do that??? What a riot!! 🙂

  33. And don’t forget the happy hopping at the beginning!

  34. Sasha's Mum says:

    Robbie Burns approves!

  35. Holy cats, that’s hi-LARE! I love that brief moment when you think they’re gonna change direction, then there’s some confusion, then nope! resume clockwise rotation!

  36. o wait — that sounds lovely; I didn’t note that part.

    *goes back to watch video again*

  37. O. M. G. There are SIX of them. And they’re all turning in a circle around dish.

  38. AND they’re all black AND they’re SO DANG FLOOFEH!!!!!

  39. Water swirling down the drain in opposite directions from the other hemisphere is a myth we all learned in grade school. It is simply not the fact:

  40. This just has to a “The Best New Thing in the World.”

  41. I agree

  42. Although…”On the other hand, when Shapiro pulled the plug after a full 24 hours, the draining water spiraled counterclockwise, indicating the motion from filling had subsided enough for the Coriolis effect to take over. “

  43. One has a white spot on its tail! And, I could actually feel the fresh puppy breeze as they turned.

  44. The mod lounge? Really?????? Can I get a glass of wine over here while I’m waiting?