This Is My “Got Biscuit?” Look

Works every time. Hoomins are SOOOOO easy.

“This is Trixie!!! AKA Little Trix, Miss Puppy, TrixTrix, etc. 🙂 Trixie shows off her puppy-dog begging face, which she has mastered.” -Caroline S.



  1. Trixie had ME hypnotized there for a minute. And that’s just through the internet box looking thing!

  2. Eyes, liquid and clear? Check. Cute, whiney noise ready? Check. Commence begging.

  3. I can’t resist those eyes! Here take my my lunch Trixie, hope you enjoy Montreal Smoke meat, I’ll keep the pickle if you don’t mind.

  4. *sigh*

    Yup. Trixie’s entirely correct; at least in terms of hyoomins
    being SUCKAs, for Cute Animals.

    I know *I”M* “easy” [again I specify, “in terms of being a SUCKA for Cute Animals” !!!]

    Also? In case Trixie wasn’t already aware, those Beagle persons kinda have an extra bonus advantage on us. Why d’ye think SNOOPY wuz a Beagle, huh???


  5. My Sparky has been following me around with the same look all morning…only he has eaten all the apples that I had here.

  6. Take my lunch, take my dinner. Raid the fridge and the cabinets. It’s all yours, sweet little angel face.

  7. 🙂

  8. *packing up every little bit of chocolate in the house into a postal box*
    Here you go Rachel. Puppehs can’t have chocolate so it’s all yours.
    Wanted you to be left with at least one of the major food groups.

  9. And welcome to my desktop background, Trixie. Hope I can resist trying to give the screen biscuits when I boot up in the morning.

  10. Whew, thank goodness! Puppeh can’t have coffee either so that’s two major food groups covered. 🙂

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  12. *putting my coat on* What time’s dinner?

  13. Begalize it.

  14. “Set eyes to Stun, Mister Sulu!”

    “Aye-eye, sir . . .”

  15. It’s like the closeup of the motorcycle reflected in Laura Palmer’s eye on Twin Peaks – you can see the biscuit in this doggie’s peepers.

  16. can I nom Trixie’s ears whilst she noms milkbones? I try with Madame l’Schnoz but she doesn’t let me

  17. Brilliant! 😆 😆 😆

  18. Caroline S says:

    OMG! I am overwhelmed by Trixie’s fan base already!!! (this is her mama) 😉

  19. Caroline S says:

    Trixie’s beagleness does get her spoiled often! She is half Jack Russell which adds to her cuteness and bounciness, but who can resist the velvet beagleears!?

  20. Caroline S says:

    awww we’s so flattered! (from Trix and her ma)

  21. Yep, Dogs are adorably cute,sneaky , manipulative creatures that I just cannot do without. My Companion Dog of 11+ years,passed on in May 2012,at 13-1/2 y/o.
    After paying my property taxes here in Florida,I plan to get another compaion,
    although considerably smaller than the departed Dee Dee Dog who was a Dobie
    Border collie mix and smarter than most (ugh) people. Because of a debilitating
    accident 3+ years ago,and a corrupt local ortho surgeon and a Fl. governor who has apparently given the order, not to actually help any
    one on medicaid. Oh ,well, so it goes. I can hardly wait to get my new Dog,
    probably a Min Pin or a Dachshundt,something black an tan,but it really does not
    matter, the Dog’s personality is what matters. I love em’!

  22. Caroline S. says:

    Sorry to hear you have had some struggles, Steve! We send our best. Min-pins are simply adorable, as are the weiner dogs. 🙂 I am sure you will make a wise choice. Doggies are definitely necessary beings!