The Eternal Battle Of Dog Vs. Cat

Mr. Man there on the left wants the toy. Kitteh sez NO.

Posted by Ignoramusky.



  1. SlaveToCat says:

    You want to nom my toe beans, Toto?? Well Bring it ON… pupsqueak…….
    (hint to Toto..don’t bring your noms to a Ninja Ginsu Claw fight).

  2. Transpogue says:

    The yawn is what slays me. “Do I really have to lift my head to swipe at you?”

  3. Oh, goodness gracious! How cute!

  4. First of all, the Russians have done it again!

    Kitteh says, “Ooooh, what scary growlingks,” followed by a big eye roll. 🙂

  5. Sarah the Slightly Mad says:

    That is just excellent. I love the swat-then-yawn.

  6. Catwhisperer says:

    Me too! Then, as a last resort, he breaks out the hiss. I guess we know who’s “got hand” in this household. 😉

  7. Take that, kitty! *runs and hides under a pillow*

  8. Teenygozer says:

    I keep hearing the “Gimme that, gimme that, gimme gimme gimme that; gimme that thing, gimme that, gimme gimme that” song when I watch this.

  9. What kitteh is thinking:

  10. In any household with a cat and a dog, I always assume the cat is in charge. Of everyone, including the humans.

  11. Stressfactor says:

    Actually this seems more like:

    Yorkie: Play with me!
    Cat: Go away kid, ya bother me.
    Yorkie: “C’mon, play!
    Cat: I’m gonna forget you said anything
    Yorkie: Playplayplayplayplay!!!
    Cat: Look kid, I’ve got one nerve left and you’re about to get on it….

  12. Oh, great! Now I’m going to have that song going round and round in my haid for DAYZ!

  13. Yes.


  15. I loved that! This is why I love cats. They will take a swipe and then YAWN.

  16. Dog: “rrrrrrrrrrawrrrrrrr”
    Cat: “I see your ‘rrrrrrrrrrawrrrrrrrrr’, and I raise you a ‘phttttttttttttttttttttt'”. *swipe*

  17. “……but you’re really lucky,’cuz right now I’m too bored to do something about it.” *yawn*

  18. This is also why I love cats too, ash 😀

  19. 😆 Yep 😆