Red Shopping Bag

Red shopping bag, I fill you up

Let’s have a party, let’s have a party.

Red shopping bag, you’re more than just plastic,

You’re more than amazing, you’re more than fantastic.

And believe me that I’m not the least bit sarcastic

When I look at you and say:

“Red shopping bag, you’re not just a bag, no no!

You’re my, you’re my friend!

Thank you for being my friend.”

♪ ♫ Original Red Solo Cup ♪ ♫! Leah H. says, “We were so delighted when CO featured Scrappy back in June! Scrappy is still a little mischief maker. She likes to wrestle and play, and she still has the crazy eyebrows! Scrappy’s owners have responded very well to their cat training. They are now wrapped completely around her little paw. One of Scrappy’s favourite games is to hide and wait for unsuspecting feet to pounce on. Her owners tried putting a bell on her so it would be easier to find her when she hides (especially when she’s outside) but Scrappy wasn’t very pleased with that. It really interfered with her bird hunting. Photos by Lorraine H.



  1. A bell is SUPPOSED to interfere with bird hunting. Jeez, people.

  2. I love the sweet, simple smile on kitteh’s face in the first two pics, reminds me of a little kid with a refrigerator box.

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG a gorgeous kitteh and a Toby Keith song at one time! My (red solo) cup runneth over with joy!

  4. Oh think of the earth, peeps. That bag can clearly hold two cats!

  5. There’s a sweet kitty cat,
    in a red shopping bag.
    Do you like sweet kitty cat,
    in a red shopping bag?
    I do, I do like sweet kitty cat,
    in a red shopping bag.
    I also like them in a green shopping bag,
    or when they are sleeping on their backs.
    Playing on my queen-sized bed,
    or hunting behind the garden shed.
    But, alas, I have no kitty cat,
    in any of my shopping bags.
    So out looking, looking I must,
    for a sweet kitty cat, to play with me in my bed!


  6. Bags, boxes and newspapers hold a special place in the hearts of all cats.

  7. The Original Jane says:

    Why did my post disappear? There was nothing bad in it and it didn’t go into the mod lounge – it was there and now it’s gone -poof!

  8. enthusiastic clapping!

  9. What an adorable kitten. Why can’t we train our kittens to enjoy those birds, instead of being those ruthless hunters?

  10. Such a beautiful kitten. I love the eyes. I would have such a snorgle-fest with that kitten!

  11. One tinee tabbee to go, please!

  12. The Original Jane says:

    I said almost the same comment, but tamer wording and my post disappeared. I don’t even get to be in the mod lounge – just deleted. ;(

  13. Thank you Bee. The whole point of a bell is to warn birds of impending danger. Billions of song birds are murdered every year by cats. I am a cat lover, and I make sure they cannot get at birds. Beautiful kitty by the way.

  14. Ahhh, yes. must be PC on CO. 😉

  15. ….here’s an earworm

    from the Category
    Song Titles in Four Syllables Starting with the Word “Red”
    [please note that the title of this post has four syllables and
    starts with the word “Red” 🙂 ], :

  16. I remember those shopping bags too. Walmart had them out this past June/July in celebration of Canada Day. I gave the bags as gifts to my American family members. No cute little kitties inside them though!

  17. Yeah right.

    We did everything but wave signs “Cat approaching! Fly Away!!” and my childhood cat would still bestow headless gifts on the front porch with frequent regularity. They talk about cat-like stealth because cats are, stealthy.

  18. Yep. Our kitty has a bell and we still can’t stop the carnage! I think he needs a cow bell but then he probably wouldn’t be able to move. Oh wait…problem solved! 😉

  19. AWW 😀 Sweet little Scrappy looks so happy in her red shopping bag 😀

  20. I forgot the venue. Wouldn’t sweetie Scrappy be the mostest happiest all snuggle-wuggled up at home with her hoomins, and then the birdies could be all safely nestled in their nests? And then Scrappy’s owners also wouldn’t have to worry their sweetie heads about big scary cars, or kitty witties with FIV, or coyotes who might look at baby Scrappy the same way she looks at the birdies…

  21. I know it’s a sore spot for folks, but kitties are safest inside with us, and then the birds are safer, too!

  22. victoreia says:

    The squeee-el to “Green Eggs and Ham”.

  23. victoreia says: