No Cats. No Rack. Aw, Rats.

A touching tale from sender-inner Deb S. “For a couple of wonderful years we had the pleasure of living with Domino — the cutest fancy rat with the most affectionate personality ever. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to her recently and now miss her very much. We thought you might enjoy this video of her snuggling in my son’s shirt while nomming a piece of ham.”

Complete with video Nom-Hance!



  1. What a cutie! Deb, I’m sorry for your family’s loss. It’s such a shame they don’t stay with us longer, but it looks like Domino’s was a very happy life. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  2. Mod lounge? Really? I haven’t even had breakfast yet! Wahdid ah say? Guess I’ll get the coffee started. Hey, there’s some pain au chocolat on the counter! This ain’t so bad. *settling in with a good book* (I never go anywhere without my Kobo)

  3. What a cutie patootie! It’s a shame ratties don’t have a longer lifespan but I’m sure Ms. Domino knew she was loved.

  4. Huh? I’m in the Mod lounge too. I wish I knew what my offending word was.

    Hey Emmm, got any more of that pain au chocolat? 🙂

  5. What a boopable little nose!

  6. Mice N’ Moobs?
    (I know it’s a rat, but I couldn’t resist…)

  7. Years ago, I had several sweet black and white fancy rat and they were soooo loving and spent alot of time in my hand, on my shoulder, or in a pocket. They were so content they almost purred!!! And my cats liked them, too!!

  8. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats (and many more at the bridge) says:

    D’awwww…. She was a cutie! Don’t know about the cutest with the most affectionate personality though. I’ve had a few contenders for that title and I’m just a little bit biased. 😉

    Sorry to read that she’s passed though. Rats in particular have such short lives, but fill them with so much love.

  9. Ah think it was the “sh–” word that rhymes with fame.

    pass the coffee?

  10. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Ah, the sweetness of ratties. I’ve had 28 myself and though their lives are short (~2 years), they are truly wonderful companions. RIP, sweet Domino.

  11. Bettymouse says:

    Awww, nothing like a rat in the shirt! (but oh, those sharp little nails!)
    RIP Domino (sweet like the sugar, I’m sure!)

  12. rescue gal says:

    That goes down as one of C.O. Sweetest Videos Of All Time.

  13. Thanks for explainin’ tracylee. I’ll add it to my list of no-no’s.
    Would you like a pastry with your coffee? (the tray just happened to be in my hand when they zapped me outta the lounge)

  14. Hey, tracylee, please pass the tray to Rachael when you’re done. Thanks.

  15. I think you are absolutely right. I too used the word “sh*me.”

  16. Little Domino had such elegant, delicate fingers! Deb and Deb’s Son, please accept my deepest condolences for your loss.

  17. Such a cutie pie! Off to cuddle my precious ratties now – we don’t get long with them but the time we have is amazing!

  18. tommygirl says:

    Love! I used to have rats, people thought it was gross but they are actually REALLY affectionate and loving animals. They are smart, too 😀

  19. Rats are the best, what a sweet girl. So cute when the rat gets a kiss, I loved kissing my rats right in between their ears. They are just about the most perfect little creature there is, but I had a hard time dealing with such a short lifespan.

  20. I am sorry about Domino. I had rats as a kid and loved them! Their only problem is they don’t live nearly long enough. Why why why in all their testing can they not give them lone life genes?

  21. RIP Domino.

    More ratties, please!

  22. Is that a Perry the Platypus shirt? How perfect.