Great Job, Claudia!

Nice going. We likey. Good stuff here, peeps. Meet Garfield, thanks to his super-wonderful hoomins.

Claudia writes: I’m a big fan of your site for a long, long time, and I finally decided to try to achieve fame for my baby big boy Garfield. We got him 5 months ago. We had just lost our 13 year old beautiful girl cat Nikita to cancer, and less than a week later someone abandoned a litter of 3 baby marmies close to where I lived. We were able to adopt one and help find a home for the other 2. He was so malnourished that even though he was about 2 months old he weighted just 400 grams and could fit in the palm of my hand. He was a little ball of fur and fleas, and had a cold and an ear infection. Attached pictures with a new hair style (I couldn’t resist the bad boy look it gave him.)

Here’s a video of the little one shortly after his first bath, when we finally got him rid of all the fleas:

That was the first time he slept without the damn fleas disturbing him, and only then did we realize how much energy he had. Even today he seems to always run everywhere, jump, play, he’s really adorable and a very handsome boy.

Fave Frame:

Always a fan, Claudia (from Portugal) PS: English is not my first language, please forgive any mistakes.


  1. Holy chalupas!! I thought I was going to be ded by the end of that short video.

    What an absolutely sweet, marmie purring machine. You did good, Claudia! So, so good. Thank you for rescuing this little baby. Garfield, I’m sure will have a wonderful life.

    PS. Love the hair-do! :D

  2. Janice Keber says:

    Ur Inglish langwij iz grate, Clawdeea! Kyoot baybee!

  3. I second that. Your English is just fine. ^_^ Your kitten is even better. The purrings melted my heart.

  4. I THIRD it, Claudia…thanks for sharing the vid of this ADORABLE little guy !

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Love his little meowhawk in the first pic.

  6. He looks exactly like Vivian from The Young Ones.

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Minus the facial piercings, but yes, totally. Love that geezer.

  8. Garfield is precious! And your English is wonderful, Claudia!

  9. fleurdamour says:

    Direct from Purrtugal!

  10. Clairdelune says:

    Score one, fleur!!! *hands clapping*

  11. princess guinea and ariel says:

    i am giving my guinea pigs a bath tomorrow so i will send you some photos of them!!

  12. Soooo sweet!

  13. That squeak is just an arrow to the heart, isn’t it?

  14. Clairdelune says:

    Yep. Straight in, provoking the urge to cuddle and snorgle the source of the squeak. Do it pra mihn, Claudia with the wonderful English!

  15. Clairdelune says:

    Oops, I think it’s “pra minh”?

  16. Oh, the baby purrings! Garfield is the very essence of perfection. And, Claudia, you’re an angel (who speaks excellent English).

  17. This is just so sweet that little meow just about finished me off.

  18. I don’t know who is sweeter – Garfield or Claudia! So glad you found each other, he’s a lucky kitten. And I agree, that squeaky li’l meow is precious beyond words.

  19. IrinAkaee says:

    Claudia, for what you did for Garfield, I’d forgive you anything!

  20. AWW :D You did a great thing in adopting dear sweet little Garfield and your English is excellent, Claudia :D I hope you and Garfield have many many long and happy years together in your loving forever home :D

  21. Barbara Williams says:

    Claudia – You are a very large hearted person. Little one is VERY lucky to have been led to you. Yes, the little squeak is an arrow to the heart. Your English is wonderful – absolutely NO reason to apologize. Big Hugs and all the best to the expanded family.


  22. Claudia, I wish more Americans spoke English as well as you do, seriously. :)

    You are my new hero and Garfield is my new boyfriend.

  23. victoreia says:

    Rachael beat me to it!

    (“Bless me, what do they teach in these schools these days?” -Professor Kirke)(chocolate cupcake to whoever gets the ref first)

  24. MinglesMommy says:

    He’s so beautiful – and that precious little mew/squeak!!! How I miss my boys’ kitten days!

  25. steph moore says:

    You don’t even need words to make me weep at my desk. Great, GREAT job, Claudia.

  26. I can’t be the only one who wants to see what that that cute little boy looks like now.

  27. Katiebug683 says:

    Soooooo adorable!! Love him!! Thanks for rescuing him. And BTW, your English is better than some native speakers I know!

  28. Thank you all for the very kind words. Garfield is still adorable though he has grown a lot. He’s very healthy and has waaaayyy too much energy. So much so that it’s hard to snap a picture of him except when he’s sleeping. But here he is, in another video made just a few days ago, playing with a piece of fruit (BTW he has no boundaries whatsoever. He’ll play with everything he sees.

  29. AWW :D Garfield has grown into a handsome boy cat :D

  30. Oh, he’s absolutely beautiful!

  31. Way to go Claudia, you are an angel! Garfield is such an adorable and lucky little kitteh!

  32. Querida Cláudia:

    Emocionou-me ver este teu post, porque hoje, precisamente, dia 25 de Janeiro, perdi o meu amor genuíno de 14 anos, também com um tumor. :,( O nome dele era Gatofield e o meu coração não tem onde procurar alívio… é uma dor indescritível… por isso percebo bem o que escreveste.
    O meu era exactamente da cor deste teu pequenino, tal e qual. Estava aqui a ver o site, que também sigo e adoro faz uns anos e estava a pensar que gostaria de fazer uma homenagem ao meu querido gatinho e à sua companheira de longos anos, a Caroxa, que, infelizmente, se foi embora exactamente há um ano atrás… é inacreditável. Exactamente um ano! :(
    Bom, não te queria deprimir, apenas quis partilhar isto, pois tocou-me imenso o facto de seres do meu país, de teres passado por uma perda e por o teu novo pequeno ser da mesma cor e ter o mesmo nome que o meu querido, que sinto tanta falta!
    Confesso que estou a pensar que a casa parece muito vazia e que gostaria de um bichinho a quem dar amor, mas sinto que ainda é cedo demais… aconteceu tudo esta tarde. :(
    Mas espero encontrar de novo felicidade num amorzinho destes em breve.

    Muita sorte para vocês e muita coragem, minha querida!



    Dear Claudia:

    I’m very touched with this post because today, precisely today, 25th January, I lost my one and only genuine love of 14 years, also to cancer! :,( His name was Catfield and my heart sees no relief to the pain… it’s undescribable… so I can relate to your story with Nikita.
    Mine was exactly the same colour as this little one!
    I was just browsing through the site (wich I also am a fan for quite some time now) and I just kept thinking that I would also love to pay an homage to my beloved cat and to his little companion, a female cat, named Caroxa, who I also had or 13 years and that passed away exactly a year ago… it’s unbelievable!! Exactly one year ago, to the day, I was saying goodbye to another pure and genuine love of my life! It’s so heartbreaking… :,(
    Well, I wouldn’t want to bring anyone down, I just felt compelled to share my story, because it touched my heart that you are from my country, that you experienced a loss also and that you’re new little one is exactly the same colour and name (almost) as my loved one, who I so profoundly miss!
    I confess I’m now always thinking that my house feels so empty and that I would love a new baby to love and cherish… but it still feels too soon… everything happened just a few hours ago. :(
    But I do hope I find hapiness in a cute little one, like yours, soon.

    Best wishes to you all and lots of courage, my dear!***


  33. AWW :cry: I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Catfield, Ana :cry: I am sure there will be another kitty or two or more who will come into your home in the near future :)

  34. victoreia says:


  35. Popkissed says:

    Big hugs and much love, Ana. I am so sorry for your losses…

  36. Claudia thank you for adopting Garfield and sharing him with us. He looks sooo happy to be loved. You’re doing a wonderful job with him and I wish you many happy years together.

  37. The pink toebeans, people. Did anyone else notice the extreme pinkness of the toebeans?

  38. Furbabies says:

    Sweet kitteh squeaks at :34!


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