Get Carded For A Good Cause

Megan W. sent us over a note about a project she is involved with, and we think it’s swell. What’s the score, Megan?

“We’ve been working with the owners of 13 of the most famous cats on the Internet to create a deck of playing cards that features photos of the famous cats on each card. It’s all for a good cause – all the proceeds raised from the deck will be donated to Stray Cat Alliance.”

Buy ’em here. Here’s their Facebookster, too. Meow n’ stuff.

Henri, Le Chat Noir

Lil’ Bub






  1. The phrase “13 of the most famous cats on the Internet” has officially blown my mind.

    Kudos to Megan W. for a great, innovative project.

  2. loribelle says:

    Maru better be the Ace.

  3. i’m surprised, i don’t see maru in the deck

  4. Nor Tardar Sauce!

  5. Cute Overload, thanks so much for spreading the word! We’re really excited about the deck!

    We worked hard to get as many famous cats involved as we could. We definitely love them all! Maybe more famous cats will show up in our next project 🙂

  6. Nor Nora the Piano-playing girl!

  7. what-what-what…what about surprised kitty?!? we can’t forget surprised kitty getting tickeled on the bellehs!

  8. If they’re not in the deck (Maru / Grumpy Cat), it probably means their owner said no. Not everyone is charitable all the time.

  9. Where’s Maru? Where are Tarder Sauce and Pokey? Where is Meme?

  10. I’m also scratching my head here without Maru and Tard.

  11. OMG, we can’t possibly forget surprised kitteh! And to omit Maru is like making a PB&J sammich without the P. It just ain’t right.

  12. I think there’s probably enough wonderful famous internet kitties to make several decks of cards!

  13. aw man !!!

    once I build up enough $$ for a deck of cards I am *SO* buying a deck of these cards.

    (“Wot? so WHAT if I don’t “play cards”” ???? W.T.H.???
    Cut me some slack, man!! 😉 )

  14. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but am I the only one who is a little bit… um… disturbed by Chase No Face? I mean, I’m glad she survived whatever horrible accident happened and that she’s thriving and not in any pain and all… but… it’s a little bit difficult for me to look at her without feeling just a tiny bit, well, creeped out. :-/

  15. that is exactly what i thought. cannot unsee!

  16. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I see no happycat, nor fiestacat. These tarot cards are dead to me

  17. mauderules says:

    I think it’s a splendid idea, and maybe this will spur development of a similar deck of puppehs [remembered just in time not to use the forbidden word, but maybe I’ll be moderated even for thinking it, in which case I hope the lounge has a roaring fire and apres-ski bar scene], or sloths, or hedgehogs… . ‘Scuse me, off to buy some cards for my nephew.

  18. Thanks for supporting the cause, mauderules!

  19. mauderules says:

    Maude was my staunch ally and beloved companion for 16 years; her understudy, Hardwick, was also a member of the family for 18 years. Clara and Peanut have been with me for 6 and 3 years, respectively, and appear to be going strong. And they’re all rescute kitties. There’s NO WAY I’m not going to support this cause.

  20. Well, it can’t have all the famous cats on the internet–there are only 52 cards in a deck after all 😉 It does have Sockington! Besides, all of my kittehs are rescues–one from the shelter and the rest off of the porch–and I’m always up to help the homeless cute ones find their forever homes. Woohoo!

  21. How did they stop at 13 though?

  22. I didn’t read the top faq and yeah, it’s startling and you immediately start thinking “how do they take care of this and that.”

    Again, I keep remindng myself that she’s happy, has a loving home and caring/attentive people who are dedicated to her care….

  23. I am glad she is in the deck. “Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder”. I dare say. Shakespeare & Benjamin Franklin would agree. Chase is in no distress. I wish I could say as much about many abandoned or feral kitties out there. Chase’s “raison d’être” in this life as well as in this deck is to teach “hoomins” tolerance. Kittehs, puppehs and hoomin bebbehs already know this lessun. ‘Cept hoomin bebbehs eventually forget it as they get older. Now THAT is sad.

  24. Ooooh! Henri mon chéri!

  25. Oh, I can hardly wait to buy these cat cards once they are available in Canada 😀

  26. yeah, where Maru?

  27. ❤ Tardar!

  28. Furbabies says:

    What about Sylvester the Talking Cat??? Those videos are great!