A Twisted Tale

I love to nap ‘neath the twisted tree,
It’s the only tree for me, it seems
When I lie ’round its twisted trunk, you see
I have the most wonderfully twisted dreams

Via tanjila.



  1. Now that’s what I call a real treehugger!

    With the whole darn body.

  2. NOMTOM is the Poet Laureqte.

  3. *rapturous applause* *

    *for the kittaye (prettye calico pattern), for the elegant twisted potted tree/ “shrubbery”, AND for Monsieur Mike’s poesie. Well-done, sir !!

  4. “In a Related Story” / “twisted” + tree + my favorite =

  5. emmberrann says:

    This is another candidate for the NTMTOM coffee table book (in collaboration with CO -with a nod to Theo).
    Kitteh seems to be saying “Yes, and your point would be….”

  6. emmberrann says:

    BTW, Mike, how’s that book coming along?

  7. alwayscataddict says:

    It seems to me that the kitteh’s coloring and the twisted tree are somehow matchinks…..

  8. Stunning kitteh. Those eyes could hypnotise!

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    All cats are twisted, they don’t have to be dreaming, just plotting.
    ohhhh pretty kitty.

  10. I envy that kitty, that room looks like it’s warm there and very peaceful. It’s – 31C (-24F) here at the moment, wish I was there instead with the kitty.

  11. Eek! I thought 8F was wicked cold! Sending you warm thoughts…

  12. And where might that be, Gigi. ‘s about -2C here and that’s bad enough (our cold is very damp, if you get me – it climbs into your bones)

  13. “Heavy with furry fruit, the braided tree dropped its calicos to the ground to signal the onset of the harvesting season.”

  14. 🙂

    bravo? brava??

  15. (hides a *snerk* b/c so far that seems to be a WORTHY wish held be many
    CO folks but which exists, THUS far, only in the Emerald City and/ or Narnia ….)

  16. brava, and then “bravum” for my two neutered furry kids? :p

  17. Beautiful picture/cat/tree.

  18. Whatever the heck you and the hoff are doing, that does not sound wholesome.

  19. I’m in Montreal, in the province of Québec in Canada.

  20. Wonderfully twisted poetry which brings to mind the whimsical strains of Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”, or the eerily surreal images in Ray Bradbury’s classic, “The Martian Chronicles”.

  21. It was +9C out here in Coquitlam. British Columbia, Canada, Gigi 😀

  22. Oh, I so want to cuddle that kitty 😀

  23. The further west I ever got was Banff, I’ve got to make it to B.C. one of these days.