#YAY for Photo Assignment Day (The Encore!)

Cat PCJanuary 16th was Photo Assignment Day, our first for the 2013 Cute Overload Calendar! The task, if you chose to accept it, was “Take a picture of your pet with a computer.”

We already put up a first batch, but the submeeshes kept rollin’ in, so here’s your Encore Presentayshe™. Next Photo Assignment Day is March 13th! (Scurry to CO Calendar, flip pages, careful not to tear.) SUBMISH DEETS R HERE.

Bob W. sends us Lola who’s absorbed with Bob’s FB.

2012-11-30 09.15.19
“Here is my silly kitten Greg Brady [Here’s a story, about a cat named Brady. -Ed] occupying my laptop on my work at home day. He is always very helpful, as you can see! He’s a one-year-old ball of crazy.” Thanks to Morgen D.

Pinky Boy IN the computer, from Katherine.

“This is Jay the Papillon getting some assistance from his man-slave to surf the Web for cute toy poodles. He’d do it himself except for…the lack of thumbs. His tongue drags on the keyboard and makes it more frustrating to type things in Google search.” [Well, yeah, problem. -Ed] -Christina V.

“Dear Masters of the Cute, [Nice Suck-Up Touch! -Ed] I know I’m late for the assignment and all, but my galga* Alba helping me finish my master thesis is too cute not to be shared. Hope you enjoy the nosicle on the ‘pooter!” -Janne V.

*JANNE UPDATE!: “Lecturing modus on: A galga is a female galgo which is a spanish greyhound, they are the ancestors of all other breeds of sighthounds. Alba was rescued, as galgos are used for hunting in Spain and are very often mistreated, abandoned and killed, especially at the end of the hunting season. They are the most laid back and lovely pets you could imagine!” [Quiz on this later -Ed]

can't forget to spell check my emails
Selvi P.: “This is Mavi, short for Maverick. We kitten-sat for his owners while they were on vacation and needless to say, we were heartbroken when they came back.”

ciccio grimlins
“This is Ciccio. Sometimes he gets a little obsessed trying to peek at what I’m doing on the computer.” -Sent by Mariana A., photo by Jade.


Also from Mariana A., “This is Amy. When she came to us a year ago she was malnourished and a lot smaller for her age. Since she was so cold all the time, her favorite spot was on top of our overheating computer. Needless to say, she grew very quickly and is doing much better now!”

maui 27
Maui The Kitteh from Gavin B.

“Our dogs are being greedy keyboard hogs. They love to sit on our laps while we use our computers, but sometimes they use the keyboard as a a pillow. The white one is Potato and the black/white one is Whistler.” Thanks to Megan for this one!

Phone 020
“My name is Roni C. and this is my 2 year old cat Stewart. Stewart is very happy that the NHL is back in action. This picture is of him setting his fantasy hockey team a few years ago.”

photo (1)

From Anita A.: “This is Vern. In the second shot, he is helping his dad David A. surf the net.”

“This is Theo on the keyboard at 2-1/2 months old, just after he came home with me from the SPCA.” From Tony Z.

“This is Penny. She occasionally likes having her picture taken, but more often will be content to open the door to our laundry closet in the middle of the night and hide behind the dryer.” -David W.

“This is Tiny, my rescue chihuahua and precious fur-baby. Thank you so much, CO, for the best, happiest website on the interwebs! Love you guys!!” Thank you, Jenn K!

Christine W.: “J. Tiberius “Tibby” Kitty taking a big stretch break from her favorite iPad game.” [J. Tiberius..sounds like our..favorite…Starship…captain. -Ed]

Katherine O. tells us: “Oz likes the computer warm from use so he can cuddle with it.”

“Our kitty, Marmie has an affinity for Macs it seems, but not to worry, she only needs a little “byte.” -Stephanie S.

computer challenge (2)
Angela C.’s kitteh loves Bruce Willis.

Mr. Giles is his name, sleeping is his game. From Alison S.

Humphrey-Editor in Chief
Dolores S. sent in this photo of a snoozin’ Mr. H.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    love minny bits of thees but the Tiberius……..

    ……………………………………………………….Kirk made me LOL.

    Also yay for TOE FLOOF and also for the several ResQte items!!!

  2. CO gang, thank you for posting “Tiny” to your site–what an honor!!! Though we lost him last year to
    old age, he was the happiest, sweetest little rescue dog, and had a good last few years. You guys just made my day…(-:

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My favorite pet+computer pic is still the guy who skyped with his dog after being away from home for 5 months:

  4. BFB, that right there warmed my icy cold heart ❤

    p.s. Alba is a beaut!

  5. and I’m sure you made his life! So sorry for your loss, even being a year ago…

  6. D’awwww…

  7. So may cute fur babies it’s hard to choose a favorite. That being said tiny little kitten Amy warming her little body on the computer stole my heart.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can so relate to your story of your beloved Tiny. ♥♥♥

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    My finger hurts from scrolling up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down trying to look at all the kittehs and puppies at the same time.

  10. do you guys pic the best or post them all? b/c if you post them all, man these are just fantastic. Or maybe any pet + computer pic is just always going to rock. Or maybe CO readers are just all super talented photographers.

  11. Coffee Cup says:

    Yes, thank goodness the NHL lockout is over, Stewart!

    I should submit my bun. He’s the king of the ol’ “whatcha doin?” peek over the top of the computer.

  12. Yeah, that’s almost as hard as reading the hover text.

  13. Stupid Kensington keyboard I have did not come with a kitty attachment. :pout:

  14. AWW 😥 I am so sorry for your loss of your dear sweet dog, Tiny, Chihgirl 😥

  15. I know, Gigi 😀 I banged my fingers into my monitor wanting to reach through it and pick up sweet little Amy and wrap her up in a nice warm towel 😀

  16. I’m pretty sure Theo was actually repairing the short in that USB port. 😉

  17. I really need therapy or something, because I thought the paw in the Bruce Willis pic was…something else.

  18. Great pics here, love all of them. Brinke, you might remember meeting Theo (his name was “Balthus” at the time) and me at the mobile adoption center at Macy’s the day I adopted him. You had stopped by to snap some pics of the volunteers and kitties.

  19. Thanks so much for your sweet words, guys…(-:

  20. These are all so wonderfully cute! 😀