Prosh Poodle Overload: An Editor’s Nightmare

Sender-inner AT has you say?


Here we have Saya, Kikuma, Rinka,… (Pawsing, clicking through multiple Gmails) ah yes, Silvey. All four are so deadly off-the-scale cute, it’s hard to tell ’em apart. So we asked AT for clarifica-shuns.

Not sure we got them.

“Kikuma is the brown father, Rinka is the apricot mother.”

“Kikuma is 4 years old, 5.5 inches tall. He’s got stubby legs and floppy ears and looks like a stuffed bear.”

“Silvey is Kikuma’s silver aunt (5 years old, 4 inches tall). She’s got a large head, but with legs so short and squat it’s hilarious.” [So this is…..Silvey? -Ed]

[OK…so these guys are Kimuna and Rinka….right? What is Brinke trying to pull? -Ed]

[Temples throbbing. Still thinking Kimuma & Rinka (or Silvey), shopping the lingerie department. -Ed]

“Silvey’s got a large head, but with legs so short and squat it’s hilarious.”

[Gonna go with Silvey here. Maybe. -Ed]

[Got me here. Could be Snoopy for all I know. Stumped. -Ed]

“Saya is the mahogany-red daughter (1 year old, 5 inches tall).” [Is this Saya? -Ed]

[No idea. Defeated. Out of ammo. Time for a bowl of Alpha Bits. -Ed]


And we found a few more shotz of Kikuma in the files- [Are you sure it’s Kikuma? REALLY sure? -Ed]







  1. I’m as confused as you are, editor – but OH MY GOSH, can they BE any cuter?! No, don’t answer that. Because we know the answer!
    I’m gonna go faint now.

  2. OMG, first time ever seeing muzzlepowshe mullets!

  3. This is gigglelious .

  4. Brain scrambled. Don’t care about details like who is who. Squeeing commencing in 3… 2… BLAM!

    (Cleanup on aisle 5!)

  5. slips a Fainting cowsche behind zeldapie to ease her collapse into elegance…

  6. *calls the Daily Temporary Labor Pool for additional janitorial personnel*

    *pulls out the mop from the janitorial closet nearest aisle 5*

  7. victoreia says:

    My new word for the week: “gigglelious”!

  8. Those aren’t real puppies! They’re too small to be real puppies! :-p

  9. Names are not important. What is important is that they all come to my house for boopinks and smooshinks and cuddlinks.

  10. Oh wow they are so, so cute like little teddybears !!
    This made me smile lots 🙂
    Victoria xx

  11. I haven’t had breakfast yet, but I’ll take the chocolate one and save him for later please.

  12. As long as I get to snorgle the heck out of them, I don’t care who’s who. If you look up the word “adorable” in the dictionary, I’m sure you’ll see at least one of these poodalicious critters.

    Wait til tracylee gets a look at all those yummy earses!!

  13. I too am confused but LOVED the Snoopy line!

  14. *visualizes “5.5 inches tall” with mah fingers*


    I own three poodles and they are like, twice their sizes at the very least.

  15. Wow thanks! Mom’s going to freak. She looooves your site!!!!

    Um Silvey isn’t actually in any of these pics LOL. Have yet to unearth her photos from the bowels of the hard drive.

    – Anry T

  16. holy smokes that’s a lotta poodling!

  17. Soooooper cute! I don’t have any trouble telling them apart. Kikuma got a haircut (hence the sticky-up ears), and in that last photo, he’s growing it out. Ears are down when pup says, “I need love now please!”

  18. anneanry1986 says:

    Lol Saya chewed off (the hair on) his ears when she was teething. I had to shave them clean or the hair would never grow back!

  19. What? Silvey wasn’t in any of those? Get busy!

  20. Alice Shortcake says:

    I am utterly poodulated, poodalized and poodescent.

  21. How DARE CO drop so MUCH cuteness on us all at once???! *ded*

  22. Kikuma looks just like an ewok in the picture with the yellow bow!