CO World Exclusive: More Ponies Wearing Sweatahs

The world stopped turning (as well it should) once the photos of the PONIES WEARING SWEATERS hit the Interwebs.

BUT There’s more, People! These shots are CO Excluseefs, unseen until now! They come to us straight from Frances Taylor, via a friend of hers, Steph M.:

“They’re the photos that Frances took during the shoot. I am attaching the super cutest ones here, which have not been on any of the news sites that I saw, or Frances’ blog. CO Exclusive! Vitamin is the mom of Frances’ fabulous Shetland pony stallion, Millhouse Independent (aka Indy Ping Pong). Whiffy is Frances’ “fairy tale pony;” they have been together for many years.”

Fantasteek! And make sure you check out Frances’s calendar, too! (Hey, gotta help a calendar buddy, right?)





Photos by Frances Taylor.



  1. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I have always loved Scotland, but this puts the icing on the cake (and the sweater on the pony.)

  2. I went to Scotland once, years ago and I love it but I didn’t see any sweater wearing ponies then so I HAVE to go back right?

  3. It’s bad enough to get a wiggly baby into a sweater, but I was wondering how the HECK do you get a pony to put his hoofers into the sleeve? I just have this little movie playing in my head of the pony Mom squatting down in front of the pony: “Ok,, now lift your right hoof… No, the OTHER right hoof…”

  4. And just WHERE would you find a pattern for a pony sweater, anyway??

  5. are they specially knitted sweatahs, or just big people sweatahs?

  6. Seriously, that’s the craziest part; the sweaters *must* have been made for the ponies. Someone (possibly) hand-knitted those things. For ponies. And our viewing pleasure.

  7. It’s typical Fair Isle Knitting (Shetland Islands) so I’m convinced it’s a very successful PR campaign for Sheltand Wool 🙂

  8. They have nicer sweaters than I do! Hee hee. Honestly, they look beautiful in them.

  9. They were made exclusively for these ponies to their exact leg and belleh measurements. The sweaters go over the back and button under the belleh (after putting legs in the sleeves, of course)! Frances and Jo picked the sweetest ponies they had to model the sweaters. You can see more on Frances’ blog,, including the video of Jo getting the ponies into their sweaters.

  10. You have to go back to the first post with the video: Gimme your foot. Ok, now the other one. There you go—all nice and cozy! It appears to be easier to dress a pony than a squirmy baby. Or myself, for that matter…

  11. Sure, OMG Ponies! Sweaters are cute, for sure, but these ponies are woolly enough and don’t need sweaters. I hope they don’t over heat! God gives horsies & ponies woolly coats in the winter for a reason…

  12. are you gonna walk w/ me and skippymom or do you own a 747 Gigi?

  13. also/ related?

    When I went to Dublin & vicinity (ca. 1996-ish) and spent a day at (*sigh*) the national Irish Thoroughbred Stud Farm (horse studs, not beefcake calendar guy studs) ….there were NO sweateuws visible on any horses. And believe me when I tell you that these were probably millionaire horsie-poos at that property; so if
    there WERE thoroughbred sweateuws being made, they would have been in use. The property had a museum about Irish thoroughbred racing history AND a Japanese-zen gardens. Again I say — *sigh*

    prolly the most enjoyable day de ma vie.

    do I love horsies, goatses wif funny teefs, turtles, elephants, giraffes or kitty cats the mostest????

  14. *ahem* to the Mods/ Universe:

    thank you….

  15. I’m sure I’ve got a pattern for a knitted pony, and now I’ve been inspired to make a sweater for it too. New knitting project coming up!

  16. And Brinke’s “fantasteek” is a new knitting term: to make a Fair Isle cardigan, you knit a steel and then cut it open.

  17. All. I Can say to these pictures is OMG PONIES!!!!!!!!111!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1 Some body had to say it.. You know it and i know it. Also all i can think after that is how can i get a sweatered pony to come live with my sheep in my pasture.

  18. ka — ???

    PLEASE DON”T (or do?) tell me that you LIVE WITH
    (or perhaps “adjacent to” would be a more-accurate description) SHEEPSES and lambie poos???? Give me the address NOW please…

  19. “Do these sweaters make us look fat?”

    This is precisely why the interwebs were invented. 🙂

    I’ve knitted many sweateaws for my 4 pound chihuahua and I swear each one took forever.

  20. Shoes and backpack are ready, when do we start?

  21. Oops: steek, not steel

  22. Why would ponies need sweaters(head scratch)?

  23. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Really? Ponies DON’T need sweaters??!! 😉

  24. It’s an advertising campaign people, I know the ponies in real life and I can assure you they never normally wear jumpers!

  25. estherrenwick says:

    I know the ponies in real life, they are very sweet and obliging but they do not normally wear jumpers 😀

  26. This is AWESOME.

  27. magickariel says:


  28. Well, Shannomo, fer ONE thing, it has bought kibble for Meg’s friend Goose tonight
    (Goose is ACTUALLY a dog, in case you weren’t already aware …) !!!

  29. they are in Scotland; gits a bit nippy-er there, than in southern USA, for instance….

  30. AND where do the three of us join up to each other??? I’m probably below both of you…

  31. princess guinea and ariel says:

    how do you get sweaters on poneez? they can kick you!!!

  32. I want those ponies so bad I’m gonna cry.

  33. Emo pony wants a sweater too. 😥

  34. How cute! Are these Icelandic Ponies??