And Step Right Up, Try Yer Luck!

Come right on over, Ladies n’ Gents. Step right up, everyone’s a winner!

Kido The Kitteh has more videos for you to look at!



  1. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    This is awesome. Cats & the shell game are tons of fun. My mom is teaching this game to her own cat, but with just her 2 hands & a kitty treat. Pepper is getting quite good at picking which hand is holding the treat. It’s hilarious when she pokes at the hand with her paw.

  2. That cat has like 40 IQ points more than me. And he’s waaaay cuter too! Life is so unfair. *puts on pouty face*

  3. Kitty probably uses enhanced sense of smell and enhanced hearing as well as eyesight to know where it is. And here I am relying on just one sense like a sucker 😦

  4. Kitteh intelligence is quite well suited to tracking prey which has gone to ground. Lots more detail (but fascinating!) found here:

  5. To kitteh: “Truly you have a dizzying intellect.”

  6. Saw this on the news the other day.
    I want this guy/gal to go with me to the fair, maybe we could actually win something for a change!
    Cats are so smart……makes me jealous!

  7. I love his not-quite-but-almost bored expression: “(sigh) Oh, all right, I’ll show you one more time how it’s done.”

  8. Kitteh: I don’t know why she’s making such a fuss about this but it seems to make her happy…and there may be treats at the end.
    Me to kitteh: You are regally beautiful and so kind to your hoomin.
    ps Do you have a guest room by any chance??

  9. fleurdamour says:

    Does he pick stocks?

  10. From the cat’s perspective, we humans are the size of King Kong, and that might as well be a soccer ball. She could’ve have easily sensed the location from the vibration alone.

  11. *pouts with Rachael* “same here, Rachael!!!”

  12. Funny you should ask that:

    This just proves what we’ve been suspecting all along.

  13. I know, right??? Cats are SO SKILLED, with the whole world-weareh thing.

  14. That is awesome.
    I wonder if my tabbehs can pick winning lottery numbers?


    Also — it’s particularly enjoyable when the subject/ action in a video clip is enjoyable/ interesting ….[pause for dramatic effect]
    AND it’s also a simple/ brief item, at the same time. Sometimes a 4 or 6 minute video is too much, to ask of those of us doomed to share lousy computers that don’t even “play well” with just basic youtube videos…..
    (yes, I do live in Bedrock Apartments near Fred Flintstone. Why do you ask???)

    Will the kitteh be angry or disapproving of me, if I use the term “pretty” to describe an adorable but [presumably] macho male kitteh …??

  16. I don’t think I could do this with my cats. Not that they wouldn’t find the treat. Of course they would, but they wouldn’t let me put it back under the cup.
    That treat would have been pounced on and eaten as soon as the cup went up.

  17. emmberrann says:

    Have you any results from your lottery pick experiments? How did they turn out? I’m thinking of using it ss an enrichment activity for the local cat welfare.

  18. Probably true at my house also, although it depends on the kind of treat. Crunchy Temptaions = kitty crack for about 6 of my kittehs.

  19. Nobodyis EVAH a winner but the kitty.

  20. *giggle* @ Gigi.

    @ ceejoe: if six kittehs have gotten hooked, sounds like there isn’t much variable remaining in the marketing of THAT product !!

  21. Agreed. Cute kitty, and amazing talent!

  22. Well, that leaves four that don’t care about them. So who knows…

  23. Fird, I think you’re onto something. All the cats I’ve ever known had/have that world-weareh thing going on, and it only makes me love them more. They put up with us yet give us joy in return. In my case, they give allergies but they MEANT to do that.

  24. Really? his FIRST shell game? That would be the Einstein of catkind then.

  25. Kitty is ready now to hit the streets to help the owner rake it in with 3-card Monte, jingle-bell style.

  26. AWW 😀 Kido The Kitteh looks like he is enjoying the game 😀

  27. Cat probably thinks she’s dumber than a bag of hammers.

    All right, I’ll help you find it one more time. Maybe you wouldn’t lose your bell if you stopped putting under a cup.

  28. smallthunder says:

    Ha! Love it!

  29. HA HA HA HAH HA HA HA HA *gasp* HA HA HA AH HA HA AH HA *gasp/ swallow*

    (after Tha Meg, & Goose, ‘course…)

  30. Kitteh is GOOD at that (not to mention tewtelly adorbs).

  31. he is clever :3