Déjà Vu All Over Again

This fellow looks familiar. Um…lessee…ah! In last week’s CO Calendar shot! Go for it, Katie M.: “Hey! Bones is the picture of the day today! I never look ahead at the pictures so I was very surprised. Here is a pic of Bones sitting proudly next to his calendar page. If you notice that the plastic holder is the wrong color, my new one broke so I glued the new pages to the old one.”




  1. emmberrann says:

    Love the fashion statement turtleneck.

  2. I completely understand the Rule of Not Looking Ahead. I want each day to be a Cute Surprise!

  3. Andi in NC says:

    love the sweateaw – he looks so majestic….

  4. les deux yeux sont des couleurs differents!!

  5. Emmberrann says:

    Et, alors? does thees ‘ave le significance beeg? Le petit eez steel as beau, as majestique, n’est-ce pas, Mlle. la Birfle ?

    ( p.s. If you try to say “Birfle” in real francais, it really is weird – “beer-fluh”, and your lips can get sorta tangled trying to get all of them consonants out in a row, particularly with the “e caduc)!)

  6. My calendar lives at work so I only look ahead on Fridays. 🙂

  7. Ah yust thot eet wuz innerestin’ tuh see them 2 colors!!!

    Also — eef eet ‘elps in reeeeegards mon nom ??
    Eeef wun kin worry about pronouncing sooch a strahnge nom as F.B. (???)

    een truth…. on ne dit pas “beer-FLUH” …. mais c’est “beer-FUL” 🙂
    C’est mieux, j’espere!! Et Ah don’ meeeen too creeteesahs, boot ‘yust tooo
    mek eet mohr eeeeezeee-yur !!! Ca va??? Et merci bien, pour qu’on fait l’effort 🙂

    and for th’ Mericuns ‘roun’ hee-yuh?
    Eeet’s nothin’ bad– yoost ’bout ‘ow a pehson een Frawnsche classroom wud pronounce mah “name” 🙂

  8. Still waiting for that knitted tag….


  10. Aw come on, I’ll knitt you a cybersweater.

  11. Um, in the other photos I find, both Bones’ eyes look brown, but here one looks blue and the other brown? Does he have heterochromia or am I merely lousy at photo interpretation? Or is it a trick of the light?

  12. snoopysnake says:

    Where ma leg warmers?

  13. My question exactly