This — Stuff — Is — Awesome!

What is this stuff? Did you make this stuff? It’s sure a lot of fluffy stuff! Where did this stuff come from? I can’t get enough of this stuff! I want this stuff all the time! Can you buy this stuff? What — the — heck — is — this — stuff?!

FaveFrame™ and stuff!

As YouTuber jefcharles explains, Fletcher the cat is seeing snow for the first time: “After being sent home from work the first thing I did on getting home was to check outside the back door to see if there were any cat paw prints. There weren’t, so I thought I’d introduce Fletcher to the snow and film the results.”



  1. I have NEVER seen a cat in the snow before. I just figured they were too ‘uppity’ to be in it. This is just awesome and funny all at the same time. Thanks for this post. It has already put me in a good mood for a Monday work day.

  2. Make a snow angel, Fletcher!

  3. NOT the reaction my cats have. They perform the stiff leg paw shake after every step.

  4. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    I like how he doesn’t know that he is suppose to hate the snow. It’s all a game for him. Enjoy Fletcher…enjoy!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    He tries to kill it with his entire arm each time. WHAMMO! WHAP! THWUMP!

  6. Let’s not spoil the fun by telling him this magical stuff is actually frozen water 🙂

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    I think by the next time, he will have figured out the after effects equal COLD and WET, and won’t be so enthusiastic. He’s definitely having fun this time though! “Ignorance is bliss” for sure!


  9. Kari Callin says:

    I’ll repost this here as it is very appropriate to his reaction, compared to Maru’s. Now we just need a bird and we’re in snowbusiness! 😉

  10. My Mom had two black long-haired cats in New England, who Loved the snow! I’d make little snow balls & throw or roll them, and the cats would leap about trying to catch them. Sometimes the cats would fall into a drift and all you could see was the tips of their black tails. They tried to catch snowflakes with their paws. When they came back into the house, they each got a thorough rubbing/drying off with a towel, purring all the while, & then would race around the house like maniacs!

  11. Yep, those are my boys too. The one exception is my hybrid Maine Coon who thinks snow just makes it more fun.

  12. What a beautiful kitty!!! And I love that Fletcher is trying to catch snowflakes 🙂 Reminds me of my piano teacher’s cats while growing up.

  13. warrior rabbit says:

    Aww! That sounds so nice!

  14. warrior rabbit says:

    This was just posted along with Maru, though… just a couple days ago. (But I liked this one better than Maru’s non-reaction, so I’m glad it gets a second shot.)

  15. Haha! That’s awesome!

  16. Elaine the cat likes the snow too… 😀

  17. Whatta hoot! He thinkin’, “Where’s it keep goin?!”

    Also, please send some of that snow my way.

    Lastly, am I the only one who cringed and cried out to the screen “Ahhhh, shut the dooor; you’re letting the heeeeat out!”

  18. Awesome find and share!

  19. Nope, I posted that yesterday! “Close the door. Do you think we can heat the whole outdoors? Were you brought up in a baaaaahn?”

  20. People have been offering to buy Fletcher? Hey, I wouldn’t sell him either.

  21. I love this!

  22. Awwww, he’s even cuter than Simon’s Cat!

  23. Compared to Fletcher, Maru is a lump!

  24. Elaine is a good tactician!

  25. What’s this? What’s this? I haven’t got a clue!
    What’s this? Why, it’s completely new!

  26. Ashley in Nashville says:

    I thought watching this might make me really sad as we lost our 12 year old kitty Stanley last night. But watching this cat act like a total goofball in the snow reminded me that this is why we invite these weirdos into our lives – they make us so happy, and it’s so worth it. Thanks for the reminder, I needed it.

  27. My dear departed Steve used to do that, too!

  28. I saw this the day before it got on cute overload! 😯

  29. Must. Keel. All the Snows!

  30. aw Ashley SO so sorry to hear this. FWIW, “Stanley” is a fabu choice for a name.

    RIP Stanley le chat, y.o.o.L. 2013.

  31. Warm hugs to you, Ashley in Nashville