Teddy Bear: The Next Generation

To Boldly Nom Where No PorcuPet has Nommed Before!

So, check it out. You’ve got this little Wildman here, obveesh from the TEDDY BEAR SCHOOL OF NOMMING, so sit back while quaffing a root beer, and watch these little paws n’ claws go!


[Combining a Star Trek reference with porcupines- only on CO. -Ed]

Brooke R. reports: “Every time I have a particularly crummy experience in life, I go to your website to cheer myself up. Cute Overload never fails to make me smile and I adore my Page-A-Day Calendars (they’re all over our walls!) Anyway, I love porcupines (admitted Teddy fan) and I am obsessed with this video on YouTube! by Dissapproving Rabbits.com! It’s so freaking cute you will die squirming with delight! Many snorgles and thanks!”



  1. huplescat says:

    Porcupettes! So cute. 🙂

  2. pilotgirl says:

    Where is the “like” button?!??!?

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Definitely been taking elo-cutetion lessons from Teddy.

  4. Teddy is still the number one por-cute-pine in the numming category but this little one is a close second!

  5. Why are hiccups so cute????

  6. Agreed! Sometimes you just wanna *click*!
    Can’t we have a “like” button without offering the controversial “dislike” button? It IS the 21st century, after all! 😉

  7. HA!

  8. No! It’s both or neither! (Sorry, that’s one of my pet peeves, that apparently we’ve become so touchy-sensitive that we allow only positive feedback.

  9. Seriously cute!

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    Gold stars all around!

  11. You can still “like” it on YouTube!

  12. Who in the world decided that hiccups should be these cute little *bip bip* sounds? And why is my brain malfunctioning?!

  13. He sounds more like Teddy in this video:

    Check out the *ehn ehn ehn* while he drinks his meelks.

  14. _I_ don’t mind the dislike button, AuntieBellum, but made my request thus cos I thought that’s why both buttons were banished. 🙂

  15. Now I want to see the bottle feeding.