Malamute Cute

Feel better now, Sasha!

Sender-Inner Katie P: “My Malamute Sasha was feeling pretty crummy while we waited for some meds for to kick in. She was having a little leaking issue, too, hence the diaper. My mom sat on the floor and within seconds Sasha was cuddled up with her and quickly feel asleep.” Photo by Kevin B.



  1. Oh, sweet Sasha, and what a sweet mom. I hope she feels better soon – she is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. oooooooooooooohhhhh pooor Sasha and yay for Katie and Katie’s Mom for the Snuggle Therapy….

    hopefully Sasha is bounding about, these days, feelin’ ALL KINDA bettah ….????
    Please DO update us??? Otherwise the CO nation will be sleepless with worry & concern…

  3. kibblenibble says:

    I am seconding what Fird said. I want Sasha to feel all better, too. *worries*

  4. I hope Sasha feels better soon!!! This picture is absolutely darling, and really expresses the love that we have for our furry friends.

  5. I volunteer as a surrogate snuggler if Katies’ Mom gets tired!

  6. *puddle of goo*

  7. rescue gal says:

    The power of touch.

  8. Moms are the best

  9. Awww, a mother’s touch…

  10. Nothing like a sweet snuggle from a mama to cure what ails ya. They always know just how to make the ick go away. Poor baby. We need to know that Sasha was okay. Bless.

  11. So frequently I see these kinds of pictures and even ones with no human and what they make me think is “some one loves you”.

  12. I want to snorgle her fluffy fur!

  13. ShazzaNorth says:

    Aw.,,.Safe and warm!

  14. My best wishes for Sasha as well. Such a beauty.

  15. I hope Sasha is feeling better *sends hugs and warm thought*
    That is a spectacularly beautiful picture.

  16. Poor baby, I hope she’s feeling better.

  17. Katie P is Sasha’s hero. Hope Sasha is better soon!

  18. Hope Sasha’s getting “oh-so-happy-you’re-all-better” snuggles now.

  19. omgosh. hugs from all of us too.

  20. Poor baby! Feel better, Sasha.

  21. Aww! Poor baby.

  22. what they said… loves and snuggles and well wishes, Sasha!

  23. What Fird said! Mama’s cuddles are best, and Sasha is one precious bebeh: hope she’s feeling fine now!

  24. What a lovely photo essay. You can just feel the love flowing between the woman to the dog and you can also see the concern on the woman’s face. Just beautiful.

  25. emmberrann says:

    Rest easy, Sasha, Mommy will make you alll betteuw. Muah.

  26. Thanks for the kind thoughts! Sasha is much better now and is back to her proper place in the household as Malamute Princess, Early-Morning Toy Squeaker, Shredder of All Wayward Paper, and Supreme Boss of Everything Else.

  27. Poor tuppence. I’m not tearing up really, I just got a little somethin’ in my eye.

  28. aww, I have sat on the floor to comfort my furbaby too. They ask so little and give so much, who wouldn’t do whatever it takes to make them feel a little better? I hope this baby girl feels better soon!

  29. Now that is LOVE!!!!

  30. Sasha Update! Thanks for all your kind words. She is feeling much better these days and is back to her rightful place in the household as Malamute Princess, Early Morning Toy-Squeaker, Shredder of All Errant Paper, and Super Snuggler.

  31. SoCratesX53 says:

    Darn those dust mites. Got my eye too…

  32. This is making me all verklempt. Sasha is a beauty, and I can feel Mama’s loving presence through the picture. Malamutes are such big sweeties anyway. I hope Sasha is feeling better.

  33. I fear you will have to wait for a long, long time, Mikeyfur. Who could get tired cuddling a sweet, sickly doggie?

    *Gets in line behind Mikeyfur, just on the offchance Katie’s mum does get tired*

  34. Thats a good person who would be there for her there for her dog as her dog would be there for her.

  35. This picture says it all and leaves me feeling sad/happy/touched/hopeful. Sasha knows mommy snuggles are the best, most healing kind.

  36. Thank you for the update!

  37. 260Oakley says:

    Hurrah! All hail, the Malamute Princess!

  38. Yay!!!!! That’s all thanks to the love she gets from you and your mum. (Hey! I’m a kiwi and we call them mums out here in New Zealand ;-))

    Please can you post a pic on CO of Sasha in her usual role as Malamute Princess and Supreme Boss of Everything Else!! 😀

  39. yaaayyyy!


    I’m a worrywart.
    Everybody tells me so; so it might be so ….

  41. yup

  42. Happy, happy update!! Thanks!

  43. Emmberrann says:

    I’m happy to know that Sasha’s better now, and back to herself. I know how heartbreaking it is to know that your BFF (best furry friend) is ailing, and you can only wait and snuggle until they feel better. Happy Sasha, happy Isis, and happy Isis’ Mom. 🙂

  44. DillPig, I updated my avatar so you can see Sasha’s smiling happy face with this post (I hope).

  45. Good news. I bet she has a tiara as a titled princess.