Honey, The Pizza Dog’s Here

Can you get my wallet for me? We got one pupp-eroni and one snausage, right?

Folks, this be Mia, c/o Jennifer C.


  1. Snausages? I love snausages!

  2. Awwwwww

  3. I know this dog in real life :D

  4. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    Yup, got one snoring on the couch, right next to me.

  5. You lucky person! :)

  6. SlaveToCat says:

    Better give him a big tip since the extra drool is free.

  7. I thought of a one-liner about the added drool also :)

  8. I’m surprised not to see an extra-cheesy grin. :P

  9. Awww My Baby is on cuteoverload I’m SO proud :D!

  10. Your Baby is a cutie! You are one lucky person! :)

  11. It’s a great pic. Congrats. ^_^

  12. thank you :)

  13. pupfanatic says:

    You’re baby is cayoooter than cayoote. One problem: I don’t see any pizza…hmmm…he does look a little guilty. Better check his breath!

  14. Mia, I have no cash. Do you accept payment in pats & rump scritchens?

  15. kibblenibble says:

    *Invites pizza dog in for snausages and belly rubs*

  16. If ever a nose was begging for one. BEEP!

  17. BOOP!


  19. trying to figure out just what kind pupster that is.

    schnozzer, i think…

  20. Hi that is my puppy Mia a really cute and sweet Rottweiler <3

  21. Looks like a Rottweiler to me.

  22. no, i’m pretty sure rotties have legs and bodies. this one’s all schnozzola.

  23. It’s one of those new breeds, Fischweiler I think (i.e. Rottie as seen thru fisheye). ;)

  24. Teho is back!!! And it isn’t even a marmie post!! Welcome back!!!

  25. I need change in muzzlepowsches and snorgles, please.

  26. And eyebrow dots.

  27. YESSSS!!! EYEBROW DOTS!!!!…such prominent dots….so totally adorable. :)

  28. I WUZ wond’rin’ whether anyone else would bring those up !!!

  29. funny…

  30. Boop boop and BOOP!

  31. Uh, Mia? Where’s the pizza?

  32. Pizza? There’s pizza?

  33. [gulp]

    (in that order)

  34. *how are your shirtsleeve cuffs lookin’ Theo?? ;)*

    [ie: did you wipe yer mouth off on a shirtsleeve??]

  35. PS: I don’t know what it is, but I’m a sucker these fisheye photos of doggehs, emphasizing their nosicles.

  36. just as an opeenyon, I’ll suggest that the fisheye FX rather enhances their
    oh-SO-earnest facial expresshons — ???

  37. Another pizza dog!

  38. This reminds me of one time when I was a kid, riding around in the front seat of the car with the dog, Panda, in the backseat, and we stopped to get some fast food. I didn’t finish my fries, so I placed them in the backseat for Panda to eat. I think she thought I’d done this by mistake. She gently picked up the box of fries by its edge, stuck her head between the front seats of the car and placed it back in my lap.


  40. YAY SKuO & pizza dog!!

  41. Well at least he’s nice enough to replace the piece if deep dish artichoke heart and spinach I left there.

  42. BatBlaster says:

    Is there a rule of cute about wide angle lenses?

  43. I’m pretty certain that I do remember one, which uses the term “fisheye lens” somehow …

  44. Eureka — I found the relevant cuteness rule …buuuuuuuuuut it seems to SPECIFY just baby animals!!!


    Cuteness Rule # 5, section of Cuteness Rules in Glossary, page 7 of Cuteness Rules (for now page 7 ….in three months, who knows??)


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