Another Bunday Mornin’

Another Bunday, I wake up, coffee’s on the way
Another Bunday, I’ll see what the paper’s say
Push the curtains open, let the light come in
And it’s Bunday, Bunday Mornin’ again


Text stolen adapted from Robert Lamm’s “Another Sunday.”
Winnie S. sent along photos of Pumpkin, her Bun.



  1. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Is there a breeze or does this little bun have a naturally windblown look?


    YAY for Pumpkin and for Winnie !!!

  3. Such a beauty!! I love Pumpkin!

  4. aaawww, what a cute little Madame McFloofypants!

  5. No gel–go with the natural look, Pumpkin!

  6. uh oh – looks like someone’s got a case of the Buuuundays!! >.<

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    I really, REALLY need to kiss this bunny on his nose smudge. 😯

  8. *gets out the pom-poms for QoD*

  9. I know! The around-the-ears-fur is to d*e for. *sigh* (Query: Either an unusually short- furred Angora, or an incredibly fluffy Lionhead???)

  10. *Approves wholeheartedly of this, and lines up behind QoD*

  11. princess guinea and ariel says:

    is there any dogs in that area? if there isn’t you ARE SO LUCKY!!! i can’t let my guinea pigs outside because the neighbour hood is home to dogs!!!

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    Good grief! I just had TOTAL animal withdrawal! I really did, you guys. I’m not even kidding. I almost hyperventilated. I have no furry creature in my home to smooch!! Arrrgggghhhh! I haven’t had a furry animal living in my home for OVER. A. YEAR.

    *runs to kitchen and grabs brown, paper bag. slams it over my head and breathes deeply in and out.*

  13. *rushes to FedEx to mail a long-haired Guinea Pig and a wee small turtle to QoD *

    *curses my inability to cause spontaneous landing of animals at the Queen’s castle*

    OH y the way, Q, please see where all your minions and Fan Club sent you Good Karma and stuff, last week…

    The first, main one, was this:

    There was another section about 48 hours later where I update peeps that your situ was improving and more people wrote there too but I CANNOT remember which post it was under 😦

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh, I saw the well wishes and thanked everyone! Because I really meant it! It uplifted me SO much to see well wishes from CO peeps when I was in so much pain I thought I would rather slip into a coma! Having friends, even cyber and not in person, helps with getting through life SO much! 🙂 I love this site, not just for the adorable animals but also because of the sweet and lovely community of friends.

  15. A bunbun with Farrah Fawcett-do. So glamorous and awesome!

  16. OK glad u saw it…I really wished that I had even thought of “remembering” WHICH post I did the update under…bc lots of pwople left additional prayers/ greetings there also; the only idea that comes to mind is to just scroll thru; posts that are timed/ dated about two days or 24 hours after the grey kitten one.

    so sorry.

  17. Has anyone thought of any lyrics for “Manic Bunday” by The Bun-gles?

  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. Let me give it a go…


    It’s just another manic Bunday
    I had a carrot on Sundaaaayy
    Nommed some lettuce on Monday,
    Have a class with Mrs. Grundy…….

    It’s just another manic Bunday.

  19. Queen! These are much better than any I’d write. (Tips hat.)

  20. Queen of Dork says:


  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. Somebody had to do it. I’ll do it.

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. – I hope Prince won’t get mad at me for messing around with his song. It’s just a joke, Your Purple Majesty.

  23. *thud*

  24. PS- squeeeee!

  25. Everybody messes with Prince, because nothing compares… anyway, he got over this one back in the 80s.