Blorptacular, You Are

No resemblance between this kitteh and Jabba The Hutt. None.


Kim L. says: “I came across this picture of a truly blorptacular cat and immediately thought of you. The thing is, the picture isn’t mine, it was taken by someone nicknamed Petrus I in Denmark so I don’t know if my submission is valid. If you’ve already featured this picture before, then it’s okay. Thanks for the great website! Keep up the good work!”



  1. Kari Callin says:

    Wow, would love to say that’s funny, but having been a veterinary technologist, that is SO not good for that cat! So, not cute, but sad. :/

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, same thought as Kari, cute, but also not cute. Feel sorry for the kitteh although he certainly does have a nice view out his window.


  4. *facepalm* *grins*

  5. 😯 I hope that dear sweet kitty is getting help to lose the weight 😯

  6. Oh, mod lounge! *pours a cup of tea and daintily noms a biscuit*

  7. on second thought, perhaps a doppio and a scone

  8. princess guinea and ariel says:

    this is a good example of modern star wars

  9. I agree, had the same thought when I saw the photo. =(

  10. George Lucas is working on a special blu ray box set edition of this cat which all of you will have to buy …

  11. Seconded.

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. I so know that it’s not a good thing for animals to be overweight. But the serenity in this picture is so evident. This bloppular kitteh is obviously contemplating the beauty of flowers and the color red. The level of meditation he has achieved has facilitated great wisdom.

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. – I’m wishing this cat the very best of health and hope it can shed the excess weight.

  14. Pardon my geekiness but it’s “Hutt.”

  15. I totally read that in a Jabba voice in my head, lol.

  16. 260Oakley says:

    Mewliet on her balcony, waiting for Romeow.

  17. Definitely, cute or sad tag for this one.

  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Theo! 🙂

  19. doomchild says:

    Well, Buddha wasn’t exactly thin either, so maybe this is the kitteh version of a smiling, peaceful god-figure? 🙂

  20. “You sit on a throne of fries!” :O

  21. Just think of him as Buddha cat.

  22. Sharpy’s Tour de France begins now!

    Oooh, the Eiffel Tour!
    Nommm, the croissants and Brie, the wine and creme fraiche!
    Yayyy, the pretty girls and art,
    Ahhh, a little village, how picturesque and lo! What’s this?

    A little cobblestone lane. I think I’ll wander along on my own and see what I see. What a lovely little tableau. The sense of peace and tranquility, the moment away from the terrors of life, the kidnappings, the hostages, the starvation, the rapes, the pancreatic cancers, the mass shootings, the anger, the existential dread…. I think I’ll capture this piece of the world in a photograph and always wonder who might live in this pretty window. A jolly grand mere, waiting to see her grandchildren? A soon-to-be divorced man, alone with the only companion she left behind? A wounded vet with a new adopted cat, being nursed back to a healthy diet as an exercise in self-care? Or a nun, who heals souls, but doesn’t know how to say ‘no’ to a cat who appears in her window, begging for food every morning?

    Why do we assume the worst? Why not allow a little imagination and joy into our worlds?

    Okay, bus is leaving. Next stop? The Bolshoi! What could possibly be wrong with the most talented ballet company in the world?!

  23. I too hope kitty can shed some weight in case it hurts his health. But before that happens, I want to give him the blorpiest, squeeziest, fluffiest hug!!! He looks so cuddly!!!

  24. Hi Queenie! 😀

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa! Yo!! 🙂

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    *closes eyes and gently presses thumbs to two middle fingers*


  27. Queen of Dork says:

    (wow. that “ommmmmmmmmm” thing really makes the lips vibrate.) 🙂

  28. My immediate thought was that somewhere in the world a vet is throwing up their hands.

  29. Me too. He (she)’s adorable, but, the poor thing!

  30. [smirk]

  31. Theo-Approved, no less.

  32. Meditating can be very stressful.

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    Gosh, I love this site! I wish my work wouldn’t block it so I could play during the work week. Also, I’d love if I could give this cat some tiny finger cymbals so he could be all, *ching-ching!* 🙂

  34. In a Solo™ cup?

  35. *snort*

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    What’s a Solo cup? Is that like an athletic cup?

  37. Solo is a brand name of plastic disposable dinnerware (including cups).

  38. Jabba never looked too threatening to me because I always thought he looked like Garfield the Cat. He was even orange!!!

    It was hard not to snicker when I first saw the movie.

  39. ….and so are my ancestors ….. Sweden/ Germany, etc … 🙂
    But they don’t resemble Jabba, much …

  40. 🙂

  41. Queen of Dork says:
  42. HAW.

    No, it’s a brand name for disposable drinking cups:

  43. SlaveToCat says:

    Life is short, I am happy, pass the Pommes frites with fish sauce S’il vous plaît.

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh! Those things! Of course. Sorry about my dorkiness. I’ve seen those things a million times and even used them. I guess I just never noticed the brand name on them! My bad!

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m in The Mod Lounge. Who put this white, flokati rug in here? It’s a very nice touch. And the tacos! Yummy!

    *nom, nom, nom*

  46. i totally read it in a Jabba voice out loud.

  47. Of course there’s no resemblance, kitteh is blorptacular, Jabba, not so much.

  48. Disclaimer: The bane of my existence is my tendency to see every situation from every possible angle that presents itself to me.

    Yeah, the cat is fat. Unhealthily fat. Agreed.

    On the other hand I remember the day my sweet kitty Izzy showed up on my front porch, meowing in distress and no doubt hunger, since she wolfed down the plain cooked chicken I set out for her.

    Luckily for me and Mr. Lucy, Izzy signed the adoption papers right then and there making us her parents. She didn’t even give us a choice although of course we would have agreed.

    So it just makes me think, I’m not a cat but even so, I would rather die unhealthily fat but happy and cared for, rather than thin and scared and not knowing where my next meal was coming from, like Izzy was that day she came to us.

    (Especially considering she must have been abandoned because she had already been fixed and we scanned every possible source for lost cat ads for weeks in case someone was looking for that little sweetheart. It breaks my heart that no one apparently was, but then again, their loss, our precious gain.)

  49. It bothers me that people think grossly overweight animals are cute. I know that is overly meta and probably none of my beeswax but still, there it is. It hurts me to think about kittehs quality of life, too.

  50. Well, if Solo™ wants to diversify and cross product markets, that may be a natural option,.

  51. flokati? what happened to the dhurrie?

    oh. i see. the cat took it.

  52. What a sweet viewpoint. I agree! And love your nonjudgmental self – can I be you if I grow up?

  53. Not actually true. The popular chubby Buddha figures represent prosperity or something along those lines. Siddhartha Gautama himself preached moderation in all things; logically, he would not have been overweight (and the older images of him certainly were not).

  54. fleurdamour says:

    Lol Theresa! Jabba the Catt will take you DOWN if you don’t hurry with that cookie.

  55. fleurdamour says:


  56. We have a BIG kitty like this one and have tried to find ways for her to shed pounds but have not been successful. The vet has told us that her heart and lungs etc. are fine. She’s been an overweight kitty for a good portion of her life. We have tried diet food, regulating her food intake etc. She is also the only cat in the house that is allowed to roam free outdoors. So, she actually gets more exercise than the other two who are a normal weight. Any suggestions on how to slim her down?

  57. If you regulated her food and she didn’t lose weight, you didn’t actually regulate her food. And if she’s roaming outdoors, you don’t know what she could be eating elsewhere (yes, people do still leave pet food on their porches, and there are always birds, rats, and little lizard-like things swimming in glass bowls while the lady in the metal bikini waits for her chance to escape…where was I?)

    so if you really want her to lose weight, you’ll have to go the extra mile keeping her on a restricted diet and out of the other cats’ dishes and you’ll have to figure out if one of your neighbors is running an open-air jerky factory or acting like a drive-thru for neighborhood mascots.

  58. Surprised that no one mentioned the little cat rug so carefully laid out on the windowsill for the kitteh’s comfort. One spoiled cat, there…

  59. You will pay for this outrage. 😆

  60. fleurdamour says:

    The (fat) cat sat on the mat.

  61. SlaveToCat says:

    If you have a problem with my weight then all I have to sing to you is:
    ♪ ♫ Gimmie a break, Gimmie a break, and break me off a piece of that Kit Cat Bar. ♪♫

  62. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    This cat can’t move. That’s not serenity, that’s morbid obesity.

  63. (love) THAT!!! 🙂

  64. YAY for Outrageux Frawnsche!!

  65. *giggling that Sharpy said “meditating”=stress/ lips vibrating*

  66. Hanglyman says:

    I know it’s sad and unhealthy for a cat to be that fat. That said:

  67. During my dad’s last illness, he would sit at the kitchen table, read, do crossword puzzles and feed the cat. The cat would put some love on him and Dad would put food in the bowl and, as Dad was forgetful and the cat being a cat, this happened about 20 times a day. The cat looked like a little black and white barrel with stubbly little legs at each corner.

    After my Dad died, my mean, cruel Mom put the cat on a diet until she was back to her lean, mean fighting weight (about 8 pounds). ready, willing and able to defend her territory.

    My parents lived out in the country and my mean, cruel Mom (otherwise known as “sucker”) put food out for the raccoons, foxes and the peacock that moved in. You never knew what was causing that nomming noise on the porch.

  68. I picked up an abandoned dog once and found myself wondering why on earth had she been abandoned. She was a beautiful animal, probably a purebred Siberian Husky, pale blue eyes. She had obviously not been mistreated at all; she was very friendly and well-behaved, had probably been through obedience school or something.

    She hadn’t been on the road for very long: she was well fed and in fact lost weight after we adopted her. I found her standing in the center of the road looking as if she was waiting for someone to come back. The first few days, she kept waking me up in the middle of the night and I thought she wanted out or something, but no, she just wanted to make sure I was still there.

    Yet she had been abandoned. We put up ads and all that but no one claimed her. We speculated that perhaps she had had a loving hoomin who had died or been called up in the military or something. It was a great mystery to us, but as you say, their loss was our gain.

  69. Kitty liposuction?

  70. This. You can’t say you’re really taking steps to limit a cat’s weight unless you are taking steps to limit consumption and increase playtime. My cats free-feed, but they get a healthy amount of play everyday and keep their weight down. Plus, they get fed quality food. Much of what passes for cat food (translation: the cheaper stuff) is the feline equivalent of a Big Mac and fries.

  71. Maybe this article could help you help your kitty. Best of luck!

  72. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I’m a heartless, heartless soul for not caring that this cat is super fat. Okay, that’s a lie. I don’t think it’s great for animals to be overweight but I also don’t know the person who owns this cat so there’s no point to being concerned. It’s worry for no reason. If I knew the person it’d be different. But I dont so I just think the cat is hilariously blorpy and I’m glad it seems to be enjoying the view.

  73. Having had several kiities in my life and watching my moms cats “exploding” weight problems over the past couple of years, I have to share some observations. With cats, certain breeds have a tendency to put on weight as they age and the caloric count in many of the standard cat foods is certainly too high (too many fillers). Also, I believe with my whole heart that any animal especially cats can “tune in” to our human emotions and when there is stress in the household, a cats body reacts to that (just like humans with too much stress produce too of a hormone – cortisol I think) and causes the body to store fat. My moms cats are a perfect example of this, I can go to her house every few months and just see how much bigger they have become (my mom has a very angry home which I try to avoid). I constantly ask her how much she feeds them and she claims they are on restricted diets. Whether this is true or not who knows, all I know is that her cats are sweeties and it breaks my heart to see them start to look their owner (too overweight to be healthy).

    Sorry, not trying to be a downer……

  74. How could anyone do that to their pet??? My heart aches for it.

  75. Word.

  76. I once saw a puppy so fat….

  77. am I in the mod lounge?

  78. I meant puppeh!

  79. yomp.

  80. I have a cat with an eating disorder. The poor thing thinks it is starving. All the time. We feed him 1/4 cup dry food in the morning. 1/4 cup dry food at night. The two whole hours before eating time he begs and begs and nags and accuses us so stressed out his eyes are dilated. It even agitates his feline herpes and he gets sores on his skin. (He is a rescue.) Sure, we’ve gotten him down from 18 lbs to 14 lbs. But at what cost? How is his quality of life? Some days I think the stress will make him sicker than the weight would. Another example, my most depressing part of my life I was the skinniest (I don’t eat when I’m depressed). I got all sorts of compliments about my looks, but no actual concern about my mental health.
    Don’t be so quick to judge.

  81. luvstehQte says:

    ElishaB–that story makes me so sad for you and your mom and her stressed out, overweight cats. I hope you can find a way to make peace with your situation. (as an aside, I watched a really good episode of ‘natural healing with dr. mark stengler’ on PBS yesterday about the healing power of forgiveness. having struggled with my own relationship with my mom, I wonder if this might be of interest to you? Not trying to by pushy, just helpful…) Such an interesting observation, though, and one that I wouldn’t have thought of but seems plausible.

  82. Okay, you’re free to go.

  83. Well put.

  84. Too long, don’t read:

    We took on a 40– yes 40– pound dachshund a couple of years ago. She came to work to be euthanized because her owner was entering a nursing home. The woman’s family couldn’t keep her, couldn’t find a home for her, and didn’t want to give her to the shelter. I don’t know anything more than that about their situation, and we didn’t ask, as I’m sure that they were already stressed as it was with what was going on in their lives. Also, it was none of our business and we try not to judge because you just never can know the whole story.

    She got that fat because the woman kept feeding her and feeding her because she had dementia and couldn’t remember if she had fed the dog, let alone, taken her own medications.

    Anyhoo, I fell in love with the little/big dog and asked if I could adopt her. They were happy. Our family was happy. The wiener was happy. Our other 2 dogs were happy.

    We promptly put her on a diet and slowly began taking her on walks. We had to start with 5 feet (I kid you not, she would get terribly winded) and move to 10 feet, 20 feet, and so forth.

    I certainly hope that our neighbors, passersby, fellow park users, and anyone else who saw us didn’t scathingly judge us and our fat wiener dog when they had NO IDEA anything about her, us, our the situation, like many on here have. It makes me sad to think that when you try to do the right thing, people who don’t even know you are making awful assumptions about you and your intentions. I feel bad for the poor old lady who was once a vivacious woman but was now slowly losing her mind, who was likely judged harshly, as well, when she owned the dog. I also feel bad for her family who was losing their mother, sister, aunt, friend…to a horrific disease. I imagine that they, too, were judged when they had to make the decision to put her into a facility for her own safety. I also have to figure that many who just read this account were judging them, as well, for making the decision to put the dog down…

    Sometimes, it’s the comments on CO that make me sad. 😦

  85. 😀

  86. I have to say, this blorptacular kitty would be one of the few beings that could make me consider a metal bikini…….

  87. THIS.

    Sometimes it’s the happiest-looking/seeming people who have the worst hidden hurts. We should never rush to judgement. (Like my uncle….but that’s a rant for another forum.)

  88. For some reason, I find the idea of “daintily nomming” something funny.

  89. Brinke! Excellent Post. Scrolling down to J-t-H is HILARIOUS. I’m going to be giggling all day.