雪とねこ。Snow and Maru

(Always wanted to use one of Mugumogu’s headlines.)

His Royal Girthness is back, and he looks a bit perplexed.

CO NewsDesk Weekend Update!

Not all cats react to the snow as carefully as Maru does. Kris T. spotted this cat named Fletcher on Boing Boing, and let’s just say…Fletcher digs it.



  1. Dear Maru,
    Thank you so much for sharing bits of your life with all of us. Your videos always make me smile. 🙂 Happy 2013! xo
    New Brunswick, Canada

  2. Never in a million years would my parents’ cats allow raincoats….the boy might be intrigued by snow, though. Not sure if he’s ever been out in it; they are indoor cats and the girl is terrified of anything beyond the door. The boy would like to go out so you have to watch for him when opening the front door sometimes.

    I wonder if Maru built the snowman himself… 🙂

  3. lisaLASSIE says:

    “Am I bluuuuuue?
    Am I bluuuuuue?
    Ain’t this raincoat over my fur coat tellin’ youuuuuuuuuu.

    Should I go?
    In the snowwwwww?
    With the world watching me, I can’t fleeeeeee.

    There was a tiiiiiime, I was a private cat.
    But with interwebz, my home is where you’re at, peeples.

    Will you stahhhhhhhp, stalking meeeeeeee?
    No it’s true, I can’t stop you, so I’m bluuuuuuuuuu”

    (with apologies to Harry Akst and Grant Clarke)

  4. Kari Callin says:

    Heard the bird, but where was the snowball fight? Aw, man. 😉

  5. So cute and funny watching him try to find a spot where his little feetsies wouldn’t sink in!

  6. cellarmouse says:

    thank you…

  7. Agreeing with Julia! Maru does NOT approve of his plush little paws sinking into the snow in spite of his careful attempts to find solid ground!

  8. I wonder what would happen if a box is placed at the far end of the yard?

  9. I love you Maru 😀

  10. I second that emotion! Love you Maru!

  11. fleurdamour says:

    This is one long extended Maru baroo.

  12. Wait. He has a RAINCOAT? With a HOOD? I’m dying

  13. Are the snow cones in the mod lounge today?

  14. My thought exactly! I kept waiting for one to appear.

  15. A definite third here. He’s my go-to happy place.

  16. When I read, “His Royal Girthness”, I almost spewed my afternoon glass of wine all over the monitor. Bwa-ha-ha!

  17. Queen of Dork says:

    That was EXACTLY my thought! I felt like I was in a dream. (huh? Maru in a blue raincoat? with a hood?)

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    Ummm, I haven’t been able to get any of the videos here at CO to play in at least a week. Is there something new I should be doing besides just clicking on the play arrow? Thanks.

  19. Queen of Dork says:

    Gosh, Martha. Nothing that I know of. It seems clicking the play button should work. I don’t know.

  20. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Oh my gah, he’s wearing a RAINCOAT!!! With a little HOOD! ! ! squeeeeeee

  21. I want a blue hoodie too. Better yet if it comes with a plush Maru.

  22. what seems to be the problem? what type of browser are you using? you can’t get ANY of them to play, or just certain ones.

  23. I bet Fletcher could wear a little barrel of brandy under his chin.

  24. NOW I know why Maru lives in such a large place(for Japan) with a backyard! He lives near the airport. did you hear that gawdawful noise at the beginning? Airplanes.

  25. I dunno….

  26. kibblenibble says:

    Fletcher’s reaction to snow is similar to Simon’s cat, whereas Maru’s is more delicate and refined. 🙂

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    I once lived with this grey cat, Picard. (Yes, named after Captain Picard). We lived on this mountain in Oregon and it was VERY snowy one year. Picard loved it. He would leap into a snow drift and disappear for a second, only to burst straight up and out of it and into the next one. He seemed like he thought he was stalking and killing the heck out of the snow drifts. He had such fun with that.

  28. kibblenibble says:

    Hi Queen! I never lived in a snowy place with cats. It sounds like Picard was quite a character. That must have been fun to watch.

  29. 🙂

  30. love this 🙂

  31. think of it as a lightweight portable box

  32. A Tale of Two Kitties.

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    The hippity-hoppity SPROING! was a delight to behold.

  34. @ MarthainW: one thing which I have found to be a consistent element in computers’ non-cooperation policies ….

    has to do with Flash Player which is kind of a sub-program or maybe one could call it a “utility” which is a platform on which many many many websites operate their bells and whistles. The computer(s)? on/ with which you’re attempting to play a Youtube thing might have a non-new version of Flash Player. Updating that or a similar thing called JavaScript will depend partly on whether you’re at a computer of your own personally or possibly a shared computer/ work situation. I don’t know a short version of the solution to this; but this might ‘splain why the situation is behaving the way it is recently and did not do this previously.

    I HATE the ways in which computers / internet make us have to have a gadget certification.

    grr at the various complexities.

    Best of luck.

  35. ocelot252 says:

    Also if you are on a work machine they may have blocked videos from playing.

  36. true — but her note specified that “in the past couple of weeks”, which sounded as though previously they were operating allright …

  37. Picard says “ENGAGE.”

  38. Brinke, I’m booping your avatar.

  39. Queen of Dork says:

    I think I’ve told you all this story before but I’m going to tell it again now in his memory. Me and the guy I was with at that time were driving about the west coast of the U.S.A. in our camper VW bus. Sometimes, we would wake up in the morning and Picard would be curled up comfortably on top of the dashboard. So we would rub the sleep out of our eyes, settle into the “cockpit” and say, “Captain’s on the bridge.”

    (yes. I’m a complete and total dork.)

  40. flutterby says:

    Hahaha…..both cute videos! Fletcher is a snowplow compared to light-footed, mincing Maru!

  41. Dear Maru,

    My heart is so much warmer now.


  42. Watching Fletcher made me laugh out sooooo loud, I am sure my neighbors are wondering what I am up to! 😉

  43. CatViccer says:

    afternoon wine! Right on!

  44. fleurdamour says:


  45. Heheheh

  46. fleurdamour says:

    It looked like Fletch was trying to catch every single flake as it came down, predator instincts roused by the motion. That way lies madness, son.

  47. Regarding the Fletcher video, “HEY! Is anyone going to close that door? Do you think we can heat the whole outdoors? were you brought up in a baaaaaahn?”

  48. 😆 Looks like Maru was enjoying himself 😆

  49. 😆 Yep 😆

  50. Martha in Washington says:

    Thanks FB! I’ll have my son check this possibility out. (I am seriously just this side of being completely computer illiterate.)

  51. Martha in Washington says:

    Brinke–it’s all of them. Even the embedded ones. So I can’t watch Simon’s Cat in the Snow! 😦

  52. maru sure is girthy! 🙂