There Isn’t Even a Guardrail

Look! This kitten is tewtelly violating all cute safety limits! Oh wait, that’s OK. Because there’s a thin liquid crystal display panel to prevent all of our haids from asplodin’. Riiight? No biggie!

Excuse us, Josh N., can we stand over here behind you? Just in case.



  1. The famous Josh N! 🙂

  2. Oh the eyes! The sad eyes!! They are making my heart melt!!

  3. And so are the belly stripes, the cute pawsies, the teeny-ness of the adorable scrap of a kitten…or is that just me?

  4. Teeny tiny pawsies!!! Squeeeee


  6. I nominate Josh N for the Men of CO calendar solely for his ability to deliver such Qte.

  7. The peenk bellee! Squeeeeee

  8. I second the nomination!

  9. But what about my rugged good looks and fur-covered clothes? That should count for something.

  10. Bonus! 😀

  11. Kitteh’s expression looks a lot like my son as a baby (MANY years ago) when he discovered he had hands!….and could make them move!!! Don’t tell my son, but this kitteh may be (almost) a match for cutest moment evah.

  12. ….considers making a one-liner about the word “NOM”ination in this context ….

    decides to see whether somebody else takes the bait and runs (but let’s keep it under an X rating, shall we folks? Just ‘cuz I git all wimpy/ squeamish/ annoyed/ etc. I know. I’m a party pooper from way back. Actually I’ve given some pretty GOOD parties/ but not in any kind of “back room” moods…. more in a vein of some light-hearted (aka EARLY) Billie Holiday and Fettucine Alfredo in the kitchen…..Tampa, approx 1993-ish…good times, folks …

  13. The Original Jane says:

    Kitty has a perfect ‘W’ on his forehead. I hope it’s name starts with a ‘W’.

  14. Hey, Fird, I think I came to one of your parties once!


  16. Toe beans are reaching towards us…begging to be nommed!

  17. Not famous yet, and always overshadowed by a kitten belly it seems.

  18. Ummmm; Our haids aren’t RLLY in danger of asplodin’, are they?
    I mean, The Qte isn’t that strong, izzit?? ….

  19. emmberrann says:


  20. Clean up on isles 2,3,4,and,5.

  21. Ti… *swoon*
    Ti… *faint*
    Ti… *deep breath*
    T I N E E T A B B E E ! ! !

  22. And him tinee tabbee toesees!

  23. Here’s one more after he gave up trying to roll over:

  24. AWW 😀 What is the name of your dear sweet little kitty, Josh Norem 😀

  25. I’m not sure Teresa. I think it might be Carol the Feral though.

  26. the belleh stripes, the barely discernible toe-beans, the concentratedness of the wee face, the nomable earsies…I don’t WANT to be separated from this kitteh by a computer screen! *pouts and devises kitteh-napping plan*

  27. *hunts in the CO closet for the Hello Kitty wet-vac and heavy-duty disinfectant*

  28. NOM-ination

  29. oops, supposed to go under Gigi…

  30. It’s reaching for me… I can almost feel it’s soft pawsies…. I must feel kitteh… before head asplodes….