How Does Maru Do It?

Maru’s all over the Webbersons with his box routine. Ah can’t seem to get the HANG OF EET.

Smudgie Da Kitteh courtesy of Joel D.


  1. Ah think Smudgie’s doin’ JIST FOINE. :)

    (we cannot *ALL BE* Maru.)

    At Two with the Universe.

  2. ps: very nice and very WHITE WHITENESS of floof, they-uh !!! :)
    the Clorox seems to be working well for ya, Joel :) )

  3. A little TOO well–I think he needs a name change! Or maybe we need a picture from another angle, cuz I see NO smudges here.

  4. It’s all about the irony, like my cousin who used to be a nightclub bouncer. They called him “Tiny” there.

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Bread, Peanut butter, banana, and just where can I get me some marshmallow fluff. There it is, I’m going in and making me a sandwich. nom nom nom nom.

  6. Ehn!

  7. I swear I’m a size 6!!!

  8. I’m just big boned!

  9. I had to stop and think what I was looking at. All I saw at first was the 2 pounds of FLUFF

  10. I’m not fat, I’m FLUFFY!

  11. Smudge is a founding member of NAAFA–National Association to Advance Fluff Acceptance.

  12. Does this fluff make me look fat?

  13. I haven’t gained weight, I’m just retaining fluff.

    (We could do this all day.)

  14. humminbirdie says:

    thank you, Judy B.!!! that is CLEARLY what happened to me over the holidays!

  15. That’s just because I’m being photographed face on. If I stand to the side, I look half the size.

  16. Don’t worry kitteh, you can still be cuddled and you’re much fluffier than maru. :-P

  17. I am NOT fat! The floor is NOT creaking because of my weight, it’s just the house settling that’s all, and that box was made of flimsy cardboard.

  18. Gigi: assessment version # 72; I know that with ME, it’s a problem of my being too short for my weight!!!!

  19. You mean you’re like me, vertically challenged? ;-)

  20. and the sun was wet and the grass was in my eyes

  21. :lol: Theo made a funny :lol:

  22. I need to scritch that underchin.

  23. AWW :D I so want to snorgle and cuddle Smudgie Da Kitteh :D You are so lucky to have that kitteh, Joel D :D Is Smudgie Da Kitteh a boy kitteh or a girl kitteh?

  24. Maru has Maru-power, and you have Smudgie-Power: the power of teh floof.

  25. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) says:

    Well, nobody can say you didn’t give it a good try. We wonder too how Maru does it. Hugs and nose kisses


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