OK, Smile for the Camera!

Leroy, stop that! I told you to smile!

Via Kimberly Tamkun / USFWS



  1. widdle fangs!

  2. classic Leroy…

  3. They should be named Martin and Lewis because the one on the right looks like he is saying “Laaaaaaaady!”.

  4. Not Leroy – Bill! Love that latest Deathtongue album…

  5. There’s one in every family. 🙂

  6. ScoutsMom says:

    Reminds me of trying to take pictures of my nephews – always goofing off.

  7. Haha! I do that all the time in photos! 😛

  8. Love little ferrets making faces.

  9. Classic Other Mike hovertext. And a huppity bubbity HOOOO

  10. Yeah, lots of fangs on CO lately.

  11. The Original Jane says:

    These two almost look like little tiny Tasmanian devils.

  12. “Gimme teh snax! I see dem ferret snax!”

  13. sotadragon says:

    Woo! Love the Bloom County reference. 🙂

  14. took the wordths right outta mah mouf!

  15. see Rachael’s response, above kthxbai

  16. Meadow Rock!!!!

  17. Squeee! I miss my slinkies 😦

  18. Ooooh, click the link for Kimberly Tamkun/US Fish & Wildlife! There are lots of cool photos from some photo contest USFWS had.