I Only Have Eyes For You

Welcome to the look of lof. Please take a moment to adjust your heart settings to all a-flutter.

Jessica O., wants you to know, this is Cousteau: “…a kitten whose mom I fostered only 4 days before, and helped deliver him 🙂 . He’s named after the great marine biologist I’ve always aspired to be.”



  1. fish eye no miko says:

    I want to snuggle him and feed him meelks and give him a teeny teddy bear to sleep with!

  2. sabrina rose says:

    Congratulations on helping to bring such a lovely boy into the world! I’m sure his sea-blue eyes also helped to inspire his name. Monsieur. Cousteau would have been proud. If only kittens stayed little forever…

  3. While I am in love with little Cousteau, his look seems to be more “you know what you did” than pure adoration. One of my felines always has the saddest look on his face, like he can’t understand why I’m not holding him, and it’s really different from his totally in love with mom face.

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Cousteau has hit me with the Jacques-hammer of lof. I hope he cooperates when you Calypso his nails.

    P.S. He needs a red watch cap!

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    I sea what you did there…

  6. joools in PDX says:

    New favorite cat name ever! Seconding the red watch cap vote!

  7. victoreia says:

    Ya know, at first I read that as “the great marmie biologist”, instead of “marine biologist”…….

    But then, I have (currently) two marmies among my illegal four. *cough*

  8. i seen that look before

    it’s “that’s a nice tuna fish sandwich you have there. are you going to be done with it any time soon?”


  10. *pops kitteh in mouf*

    *shifty eyes*

    *runs away nomming kitteh happily*

  11. Yes! I just watched the film too. Perfect timing, CO and 260Oakley!

  12. Oh for heaven’s sake already, put down that camera and snorgle me!

  13. A magnificent name for a kitten with such beautiful deep-blue sea-colored eyes.

  14. *SPLAT*

  15. Oh, I know _that_ look! It works for tuna or salmon casseroles, too…

  16. AWW 😀 Please give sweet little, Cousteau (good name for such a sweet little kitty), lots and lots of cuddles for me, Jessica O. 😀

  17. Too kyooot…..I’ve melted into a puddle of happy goo!!

  18. oh victoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeia …..

    yer students are Running A Muck !!!! 🙂

  19. legal schmegal… who’s counting?…

  20. Catwhisperer says:

    Is that anything like running a B&B? 😉

  21. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  22. skippymom says:

    We won’t tell, victoreia.
    Damn, wouldn’t marmie biologist be the greatest job?

  23. skippymom says:

    He looks like baby Skippy.

  24. Peanutcat says:

    My soul! Where is my sooooooooouuuuuuul?!

  25. sorta, except there’s a lot more mud involved…..