Have You Seen Mama’s Puppies Lately?

Oh… you really must. Especially after all your hard work!

To quote T.U.M., “Beagirls and boygles.”

Snuggly beagle bugs.

Beagle puppy belly bulge.

Tongue tired!

Bobbi S. thanks us all, “so much for posting Mama Cassie’s puppy pics and getting such excellent name suggestions. We are still going through the suggestions and trying to match names with looks and temperament.”



  1. Tracylee can have all the earsies. I want to nom on all those pink toe beanies!

  2. ..and the non-pink ones.

  3. Lynn Weber says:

    May I suggest Bugle, Bagel, and Boggle for names?

  4. beagle bites!

    i’ll get the cream cheese!

  5. *very long high pitched scream*

  6. Beaglets!

  7. pupfanatic says:

    Beagle bites!! But, blair, I don’t think we need cream cheese w/ these delectable morsels. Shloop!!

  8. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    **raises hand** I’d like one, please 🙂

    Name suggestions: Bagel, Bailey, Snoopy, Spot, Maddie.

  9. *joins in happily, at a harmony note*

  10. Is competitive puppeh nomming a sport?
    I hope so because I want to pop all of them in mah mouf.

  11. *Joins Kaya*


    Oh…that didn’t register? Must’ve been because it was at such a high pitch, ya couldn’t hear it.

    Holstein bebehs!

  12. *singing*
    Little bitty bagels! NOM NOM NOM!

  13. Wish I was closer,I’d beg for a Beaglett

  14. The smooth round smoochable puppeh head in the second pic just keels me!

  15. *Joins in the communal screaming*

  16. phred's mom says:

    I’m only just now recovering from my first sighting
    of that thar silky crown. My fingers are wanting
    to stroke that liitle haid and then snorgle him for
    hours. Halp!!!!!

  17. Look how they’ve grown!

  18. *thud*

  19. One of them has a state of TEXAS as a marking. Cool.