Camels Must Have Weak Backs

‘Cuz I’ve got lots of straws on me and I’m just fine.

My mom says I’m real strong.

Photo by Adam Berry of Getty Images



  1. bob drummond says:

    AS long as big MAMA is around he’s veery powerful – ain’t that right Ma ???

  2. As a child of the 70’s, this commercial spawned my life-long dream of a pocket elephant:

    Won’t ever happen, sadly, but this little guy – *sigh* – I want to hold him and squeeze him and scritch his ears and call him mine.

  3. far be it from me to argue with mom!

    i really want to brush the halo fuzz. weeeee!

  4. doomchild says:

    She/he has more fluff than the Mama. Therefore his/her offspring will have even more fluff, and so in a few generations we have fluffy fuzzy wooly-mammoth-like-elephants!

  5. skippymom says:

    This seems scientifically sound to me.

  6. Hey is that leetle elephant wearing extensions??? 😀

  7. bebbeh elephunts= adorableness x infinity

  8. Bebeh trunkster looks like he’s been having fun, rolling in the hay. Roll, roll…roll in zee hay!

  9. 260Oakley says:

    My favorite line from “Young Trunkenstein”

  10. What the hay has he been into?

  11. *giggle*

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    I hope it happens soon enough for us to enjoy!!

  13. joools in PDX says:

    Is that our girl Lily?? Just borned at the Oregon Zoo Dec 1!

  14. lisaLASSIE says:

    Nice one.

  15. lisaLASSIE says:

    I have several PhDs that I’m working on (at home, self taught) and they are in Science and therefore I am Scientifically Trained and I must say that I am exceptionally impressed by Doomchild’s thinking. In fact, it is Brilliant. Doomchild, please consider working on your own PhD in Elephant Genetics. And I am signing up to take home my very own fluffy fuzzy wooly-mammoth-like-elephant! I would like mine to be the tiny economy size, please. Any color.

  16. Yes. Fuzz extenshuns.

  17. SQUEEEEE Bebeh lellophante has hair!!! I want!!!! *grabby hands*

  18. Are they remaking “the Jungle Book?” If they are, somebody needs to contact casting.

  19. yes, it is Lily! I reckynize that shot!

  20. I am almost certain this is bebeh Lily, Rose-Tu’s girl born at the Oregon Zoo. I may or may not have been begging the zoo’s Facebook page for daily photos. She’s so cute! The photos of her and her 4 year old big bro Samudra meeting for the first time are the most adorable thing ever.

  21. Once A Fish says:

    Werefloof? THERE floof!

  22. I would be honored! I’ll start drafting the plans for pocket-size woolly mammoth (any color) right away.