Nuts. This keyboard is just too small for ma pawz.


“I’d like to introduce you to Brenda. She likes to think she’s a person, and has a dribbling problem. She loves sausage, your chicken sandwich, and her daddy’s beard.” -Sophie R.



  1. They are little people. I often say it’s like having 10 little people in my house – can you imagine the personality interactions?!?

  2. I don’t play Angry Bird, I play Yummy Bird!

  3. Brenda (“Brenda”? Haw) can play on my iPad. I don’t care if she dribbles on it. Or onto her lovely whilte toesies.

  4. Kari Callin says:

    For some reason, Sheldon’s line from The Big Bang Theory popped in to my head:
    “Oh, Mario, if only I could control people the way I control you. HOP, little plumber! HOP HOP!” 😉

  5. Haha! Lof eet 😀

  6. My cat just barfed all over teh carpet a few hours ago, yay! NOT! :-\

  7. My cats are Luddites – they ignore all my high-tech toys. This kitty needs some upgrading to the Wii U or Kinect system, with no opposable thumbs required.

  8. Kitteh needs ipad big enough for her paw pads.

  9. LOL! I could see a cat playing “Catch Mario” on a touch screen.

  10. I always thought it would be great to give Sheldon a cat on the Big Bang theory. One of the few creatures that he could probably get along with, yet with as many odd character traits as himself.

  11. She was playing Yoshi’s Island here! She dribbles so much touchscreens stop working D: she’s so happy she’s been shown here!! Thank you all! Love Sophie and Brenda x

  12. There was an episode where he adopted several cats, including Robert Oppenheimer and Zazzy. (The other names escape me.)

  13. Your dear sweet kitty, Brenda, looks like she would like a laptop, Sophie R 😆

  14. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I had to stare at that Game Boy Advance SP for about fifteen seconds before I could remember what the silly thing was called. It came out 9 years ago. I’m too young to feel so old. :C

  15. Sheldon: Robert Oppenheimer was lonely.

    Leonard: So you decided to get the whole Manhattan Project?

    Sheldon: Yes. This is Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Edward Teller, Otto Frisch, and Zazzles.

    Sheldon: I was going to name him Herman von Helmholtz, but he’s so zazzy.

  16. 😀

  17. what’s so great about my chicken sandwich? 😉

  18. That always surprised me that Sheldon could tolerate creatures who obviously consider him inferior in so many ways and do so many un-Sheldonish things proudly.

    I mean, they lick their fur and he picks them up? On the other hand, they could teach him a thing about being fastidious.

  19. I think that I must be a Luddite, too.

    In a Related Story: I jist lurve the wird “Luddite”. Jist *LOVE* it!!!

  20. Betty Pickett says:

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