Now, Orange You Glad You Found This Video?

Look at this little nutball go.

Spotted on Mashable.


  1. So adorable!

  2. most epic battle ever ;)

  3. I *heart* Maymo – even if he is going to leave a sticky trail of orange juice on the carpet for his hoomins to clean up >.<

  4. Agreed.

    I wonder if, perhaps it might be a Beagle thing???

  5. Maymo, orange is poison! :)

  6. Adorkable!

    What is it about citrus that brings the silly out in puppehs and kittehs?

  7. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    I love how he keeps backing away from it. As if the orange will do anything back….. Puppies vs. Inanimate Objects for the win!

  8. snorglepup says:

    This must be an orange beagle. Am I right?

  9. Is this Maymo? Is there something about lemon beagles that makes them partic. wackadoodle?

  10. Oh, I do like the term “wackadoodle.” Someone is bound to register it as a new breed.

    Meanwhile, Voiceover:
    “The wily citrus waits for the right moment to attack, but the pup is alert to those tricks.”

  11. kibblenibble says:

    Is this the same guy that rolls on pickles and steals spring water? Silly dog. :-)

  12. I think it’s the same guy. Insanely silly and adorable dog. :)

  13. lisaLASSIE says:

    He just needs some guidance. “Maymo!!! Cit-ru-self down and chew on it quietly.”

  14. He has a remarkable symmetric colouring on his back too …

  15. Kari Callin says:

    Who knew Lemon Beagle’s were so wacky? I swore I would never own a beagle, but if I had one like that I wouldn’t need cable! “Free 24 hour entertainment! Just drop a pickle or orange on the floor and let him go! HOURS of fun for the whole family!” ;D

  16. Ah, if only my cats were as carefree with citrus. My cats seem to have the anti-citrus-juice genes. Just a whiff of the zesty stuff sends them running.

  17. Emmberrann says:

    Citrus is fur-requently suggested as a kitteh-repeller, but it never worked too well wif my former furball feline juvenile delinquents. They just tore everything up, no matter what scent it was! I even tried rubbing my chairs’ legs wif whole fresh oranges and/or lemons! And they had perfeckly good scratchin’ posts and pads….

  18. Watching this doggie play with his food makes me extremely happy. Just plain happy!

  19. Perlee Mae Josephine Louise says:

    I had a lemon beagle that had a lot of spunk and silly and was so deeply affectionate. She was absolutely amazing, but I will warn you about owning beagles, buy stock in lint rollers and furniture with no stick-to-it. Lawsy Sakes

  20. Must be nice to afford to waste food like that, not to mention cleanup!!!

  21. This is the best use of an orange I’ve ever seen, hardly call it ‘waste’!

  22. Alissa – amen :)

  23. isnt he a foxhound puppeh?

  24. This is clearly a cat in disguise. My cat regularly does this exact routine with cat toys, including the under-the-bookcase move, the across the floor sweep, the carry-it-elsewhere-in-the-mouth routine…

  25. PhysicsProf says:

    This is really remarkable. We have had six dogs of varying breeds in the last 32 years and they all hated! oranges–except for our current aristocratic Sheltie, who just turns his head away in upperclass scorn.

  26. He’s getting his Vitamin C-ute.

  27. steph moore says:

    Look at that orange! Look! It TAUNTS me so!! I must keeeeellll it! (Too funny!)


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