Kodie DoubleDose™

What could be better than one Kodie video? Two of course!

Oh heck- we’ll just toss these in too.


Not Yet

Angela C. scores again.



  1. I would like to know where Kodie (and Boo, for that matter) get such cute doggie shirts. They are stylin’! The striped number in the first video is prosh.

  2. omg that face in the first (still) pic! eep!

    hmm…i wonder, if i had a little doggie who wore hair clips, and let it play with my parents’ cats, what would the cats do. they used to get up on the back of the armchair and try to remove any clip or tie from my hair. i wonder if the neighbors would let me borrow their yorkie… 😛

  3. kibblenibble says:

    The eating sounds are prosh. I could watch Kodie eat for hours. 🙂

  4. Oh how I love this dog! Such a sweet, silky and cute little girl. Very glitzy hair clip holding that sprout hairdo! (Her nomming noises reminded me of Teddy the porcupine. I’d like to see a video mashup of the two…)

  5. fleurdamour says:

    Soy dog is vegan

  6. Michele Kiger says:

    My cat loves edamame too. And adores toasted nori. I wonder if Kodie would like Nori.

  7. Soooo cute!!!

  8. If they do, tape the result of the experiment for us. 😆

  9. Yorkies are just too cute to be real.

  10. That topknot reminds me of the one I used to have to try to get on my cousin when she was crawling.
    And gah! I’ve melted.

  11. and is she peeling the edamame and eating only the beans inside? squeeeee…..

  12. Soooooooo excruciatingly adorable!!!

  13. It makes me very depressed to see a goggie with better-looking hair than I have.

    Even a super-cute one.

  14. *gives you a cone of lavendar cotton candy*

  15. absolutely true.