You’re Not From Around Here Are You

Absolutely love the dye job. With your eye-liner and my spats, we could go places, I tells ya!

Lincoln P. and Megan say, “Here is a picture of our confused Dutch rabbit, Buster, investigating a gigantic stuffed panda.”



  1. *Runs in*

    *Scoops stuffed panda under one arm*

    *Scoops Buster under other arm*

    *Runs away*

    *Lives happily ever after*

  2. Stinkin’ cute! I want them both.

  3. Stressfactor says:

    “Are you my mummy?”…..

  4. But WAIT, pyrit, Lincoln & Megan!!! How do we know that this might not in fact be a gigantic stuffed panda, investigating BUSTER????? 😯

  5. sigh.

    Wif all due respect? “Here’s the thing, Officers….”

    the Mod Machine seems to REALLY be gettin a bit outta hand lately.
    I’m reasonably certain that nothing even POTENtially controversial is in my comment and this is the first comment that I’ve placed in more than twelve hours.
    Gettin’ jistabit frusterinated….

  6. *hands Fird Birfle a floofy bunny and dials the CO Complaints Dept*

  7. that was supposed to go under Fird’s comment…did I scroll when I shoudda clicked? Dang these two left hands!

  8. and that was supposed to be under my comment. I gives up.

  9. Panda pup!

  10. Firdie…you want some cake? I was in mods yesterday and stole some cake off the countertop 🙂

    I call Matchingks!

  11. Thank you Emmm!!!! *heart*

  12. *gives Emmm a sympathetic pat on the back *

  13. Hi Emmylee 🙂

    I don’t care much for German chocolate but any other flavor SURE & thanks!!

  14. To Cute Modz:

  15. Nice tux. Who’s you taylor?

  16. I’m sending my lawyers to CO Headquarters to insist that Fird Birfle be exempt from moderation until January 1st, 2014. I’m also sending a bunch of cute kittens, in case the lawyers fail to convince the powers that be.

  17. Better send some puppehs too – I work with some lawyers, and they are NOT cute.

  18. YAY skippymom!!! *slips you a fi’ty, under the counter*

  19. *sound of tears dripping into coffee* Oh the remembered angst of youth. *sniff*

  20. Now, that remark was supposed to appear under Engelbert. What’s I’m doin’ wrong?

  21. Thanks Kaya.

  22. But…why is my comment way up here?

  23. I think the comments are in some kind of time warp today.

  24. and that was supposed to go under Emmm’s comment of 10:29, sorta proving my point

  25. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, my comment can go anywhere, I’m not picky. I just want to add a tuxedo cat to this grouping to complete it (although a bunny completes everything, I must say).

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    Wow, it shot right to the middle! I wonder where this observation response to my own comment will go… It’s kind of like some sort of new game, now. SPOT THE COMMENT!

  27. It’s just a jump to the left.

  28. And then a step to the right.

  29. Matchingks!

  30. victoreia says:

    I see we’re all doin’ the Mod-Warp again…..

  31. victoreia says:

    Oh, are we doing the hokey-pokey instead?

  32. *wild applause for fellow Whovian*

  33. Veggie mom says:

    This comment can go anywhere: Giant Pandas and floofy bunnies are my faves!!

  34. Veggie mom says:

    RHPS for the Win!!

  35. wow nice tactics, there bmc 🙂

  36. YAY som etime today AH WUZ REEELEEEEEEASED!!!! hip-hip-hooRAY

    (I haven’t been able to play/ computers for several hours due to Boring Real Life Events)

  37. I’m a lawyer, and I’m cute! But I take a lot of advice from my jersey wooly rabbit friends, Bianca Rose and Lily Beth Whiskerface.

  38. I love this picture! My rabbit looks exactly like this one and this is exactly the type of thing she would do!