Time to Lay Off the Snausages

Ermagherd, berlly flerpperge! Ah have been going to the gym twice a day since New Year’s, and I don’t see no difference!

Dreadnought says this is Goblin, “our wrinkly little pug, as she takes an afternoon nap.”



  1. I do not see a big belleh there, I see a matchingks bed liner. 🙂

  2. skippymom says:

    Oh nooooes, she is melted into a huge spreading puddle of belleh! Somebody get a mop!

  3. She not fat; she just loosely-skinned.

  4. jessicavye says:

    Look how soft that pug fur is. Pugs are like the softest, cuddliest plush toys you could ever find … only they are real and they cuddle you right back!
    Then, of course, you spend the next 3 hours going at yourself with a lint roller, but it’s worth it for all that pug lovin’.

  5. I can hear little tiny snorfling sounds.

  6. victoreia says:

    Don’t we all go at ourselves with lint rollers after snorgles and snuggles, regardless of the species of fur?

    I know I do.

  7. jessicavye says:

    Pug fur has a magical wiry quality that allows it not just to sit upon your garments, but to ingratiate itself with your garments. It actually works itself into the fabric. This is why all my good sweaters live in plastic bags and I can no longer own black pants (I have a fawn pug).

  8. Boston Terrier fur is the same way, and our Kayla-girl is a lap dog to the EXTREME. I’ve had to relegate some clothes to the “Kayla” pile, meaning I’ll wear just those clothes to snuggle with her. She’s worth it though!

  9. warrior rabbit says:

    I just leave the house befurred. I don’t care. Unless I’m going to a wedding or a job interview or something… Why fight it?

  10. emmberrann says:

    Isn’t every outfit just slightly incomplete without at least a little fur, or even floof?

  11. I have a set of indoor cloths that I put on immediately upon returning home. As long as it is cotton the fur comes out pretty easily.

    It also seems to depend on the type of hair. My cat has very dense, medium-length hair that’s very easy to deal with. I regularly cat-sit for a tiny short-hair – she sheds like crazy and it’s really hard to clean up afterwards.

  12. I once found a piece of Chihuahua fur (short-haired, fawn-colored) embedded in my chair…at work…months after he died. 🙂

  13. ErmaGherblin!

  14. Your beautiful just the way you are little pug.

    As for the shedding fur discussion. with 5 cats my husband and I simply take off what we can from our clothes before leaving the house but we don’t obsess about it.

    We have also accepted that cat hair is an acceptable ingredient in food.

  15. do tell? didja keep it or file it in File # 13? or is this an unreasonable invasion of your personal space for me to arsk???

  16. Wot is this thing you call a “job” ????


  17. My daughter (and I) leased the smallest, furriest, fuzziest pony I have ever met for around a year… three years later, as I was washing a load of her riding paraphernalia, we spied one of his white hairs embedded in a saddle pad…it had worked it’s way from the underside (horse-skin side) to the top (saddle-side). I kid you not. I did not think we would EVAR get rid of all of that pony’s fur. I think we left it behind in that house. Rolling from beneath one piece of furniture to the next. Animated by the stubborn spirit which animate ponies everywhere! it refuses to be vacuumed!!!

  18. You mean… it isn’t??!??
    *turns a puzzled face in Gigi”s direction*

  19. I did not know you could lease a pony… 🙂

    And no, Fird, I did not file it. 😛 I left it where it was but I’m pretty sure it’s gone now (been a few years). I’ll have to inspect my chair on Monday. These days I must content myself with pictures. At work I have the one where he’s eating a giant milkbone. 😀

    Also, there’s cat hair everywhere and I don’t even have my own cat. They send it home with me whenever I visit my parents’ house.

  20. victoreia says:

    *sigh* Firdie, I long for the days when I could laugh at that. At the moment, sadly, it’s all too serious. (And true……)

  21. victoreia says:

    Yup, that’s pretty much my approach. Especially since I’ve found fur in my clothes, just *after* being pulled out of the dryer.(Coin-operated, outside of our apartment, ‘cuz we don’t have our own…) In my home, fur is a component of the air…….

  22. victoreia says:

    :)) :)) :))

  23. victoreia says:

    *grrrrrr* those were supposed to be LAUGHING!!!!!

  24. 😆