The Ballad of Ned the Pug

(Cue 60’s girl-group music)

When I saw him in his motor scooter,
I thought “This boy couldn’t get no cuter”
So I said “Hey baby, let me take you home”
And he said “No dice, darlin’ — I ride alone”
He squashed my heart like a bug,
His name was Ned the Pug.

Shoo-bee-doo-waaaahhh, Kate E.


  1. Yeah, he’s bad to the Milkbone ;-)

  2. HA!

  3. kaboom!

  4. Win!


  6. Leader of the Pugs!

  7. O I TOE-tally git this myoozik reference pointipoo:

    R & D Department below:

  8. I just tried to hit a “like” button…methinks I should back off the facebook. Heh.

  9. No, no– it’s the Leader of the Laundromat!

    “My folks were always putting her down
    (down! down!
    Because her laundry came back brown
    (brown! brown!)”

  10. Daaang it! That was laugh-out-loud FUNNY. Thanks, Theresa, for brightening a rather grey day.

  11. Well, there went my green tea. All over my laptop screen too.

  12. I KEEP TELLIN YOO PEEPS don’ be BRANGIN’ no kinda bev-rage ovah to
    no compooter tables …… PREVENTION peeps PREVENTION

  13. I met him at the Petco store…get the picture? Yes, we see…

  14. Kari Callin says:

    Yamaha? Nope, more like Yamahahahahahaaaaawwww… ;)

  15. emmberrann says:


  16. “I will hug him and love him and call him” Ned? What a cutie patootie!

  17. Beep, beep, beep, CO Peeps.


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