Friday Haiku: Bouncin’ Bebeh Otters

Cute Baby Otters

Squeal and Bounce with Fervent Glee

Until they Get Fed

Discovered On The Tube Of You. [Looks a like Whack-A-Mole game to me -Ed]


  1. 260Oakely says:

    We are not for dogs
    Though we sound like squeaky toys
    We’re from Otter Space

  2. This is one of your best. And you’ve set a pretty darned high standard thus far. Well done. (claps slowly but with great conviction.)

  3. phred's mom says:

    Standing O.

  4. otter pops and falls
    what could be over the wall
    that’s so important

  5. So cute and squeaky
    We otter be in pictures
    Please pay us in fish

  6. Dear Santa, For Christmas next year, please give to me a herd of baby otters!

  7. What is the word for a group of otters like this? Anybody know?

  8. I’m fighting through the bouncing adorableness to break out my literature hat. This has been bugging me for a while. It’s called a “Friday Haiku,” but is it really a senryu? ‘Tis true that “Friday Senryu” would cause many to baroo. Here’s the thing, though: senryu, defined very loosely, are like haiku, but humorous, and let’s face it, bouncing baby otters are practically the video link used in’s definition of humorous! (There’s a lot of room for additional distinction between haikus and senryus, but let’s not go all crazy-pants.)

  9. warrior rabbit says:

    Thought it looked/sounded familiar!

  10. (adds “otter wrangler” to list of Ideal Jobs.)

  11. The squeeks! The peeps! The bounciness! *thud*

  12. Just watched this video
    My dogs’ heads whipped around
    Where’s the squeaky toy??????

  13. I cheated on that first line….

  14. i read it “vidjo”, because the internet in a british accent seem so more civilized

  15. Okay this is simply too much!!

  16. Bounce over here! *wildly opening cans of tuna and salmon* I feed you. I love you. You be mine now, yes?

  17. I can’t watch at work
    No baby otters for me
    I have a big sad

  18. 260Oakely says:

    Poor Madame Gigi
    They otter let you watch this
    Worth waiting for, though

  19. Think jumping squeaking
    Jumping squeaking more jumping
    squeaking jumping otters.

  20. oops, count fail on line 3… :(

  21. *thud*

  22. Water-kneesock plus
    One part meerkat times squeak toy:
    Otter equal this.

  23. fleurdamour says:

    Imagine what they were looking at.

  24. GAH! Like 100 kids running with those squeaky shoes.

  25. sounds like the perfect ad for wd40 :) too cute

  26. emmberrann says:

    I wonder what a bounce of bebeh otteuws would look like on a twampoline. Hmm.

  27. what’s that squeaking sound
    that jumping that haunts my dreams
    OMG otters!


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