How’s That Song Go Again?

She’ll tease you
She’ll unease you
Just to please you
She’s got Bette Davis eyes



Liz T. says: “Hi! I’m a huge fan of your site- here’s my rescued poodle mix, Bette Davis. I got her 2 years ago from animal control in NYC. She is a total gem with a great sense of humor and we love her to bits!”



  1. Yay for Liz T rescuing prosh doggeh!

    After a cr*ptacular day, CO can always be counted on for cheering a human up! 🙂 ❤

    The first shot WINS a the interwebs. Soooooooo wonderful!!!!!!

  2. rescue gal says:


  3. “She” has a moustache! 😮

  4. To say nothing of the NOSE. BOOP!

  5. Bette Davis eyes AND Yoda ears — she is definitely a superstar!

  6. I love the gumdrop nosie and the pink-lined flappity ears.

  7. And the fuzzular belleh!

  8. And who WOULDN’T love her to bits???

  9. AC&C Survivor! HOLLA!!!!!

  10. emmberrann says:

    Pinky-Ears! If one were to nom on them, would they be strawberry-flavored?

  11. If the exquisitely boopable nose didn’t keel me, the pink ear flappages would. Yay for a gorgeous resqte and her adoring hooman!

  12. that’s not a dog. it’s a muppet.

  13. 1. I thought the first pic was a sheep.

    2. Never mind Bette Davis. Move over Kate Winslet.

  14. Too cute ! Love those eyes. ❤

  15. Thanks to for featuring my sweet Bette and for all the nice comments!