So Close…Yet So Far

Whenever they shows those commercials on TV about BACON BACON BACON treats, they’re always with a dumb ol’ slobberin’ dog. Well this is one cat who’s not afraid to say it.



“My 9 month old kitten, Sutton, knows she is not allowed on the table but wanted to check out the bacon in a sneaky way. Photographed in beautiful Casselberry, FL by Kelley S.”



  1. lol!

  2. The one place my cat never jump up to is the kitchen counter. And she’s never interested in any cooked food. But if I unwrap raw meat of any type, she gets up on her back legs, her front paws gripping the edge of her counter, trying to get a closer look. The expression is the same as the kitteh here, the fangs and claws come out. You see the real wild side of her.

  3. I second that.
    Also, I really admire anyone that can teach cats not to go on certain furniture. I have completely given up. I am pwned.

  4. Someones a dog hater!

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Here we have your classic BLT: Bacon, Lurker, Table.

  6. *snerk*

    cat + “not allowed” heh heh

  7. One can only guess how much time that cat spends on that table when his hoomans are at not around. 🙂

  8. There’s a cat in that picture of bacon?

  9. Aww poor kitty got stuck.
    But in other news, my kitty is coming tonight! I was so excited when we got the call yesterday I think I might have actually kissed my dog on the lips. O_o

  10. Kaya, I’m so excited for you!!! And if it’s wrong to kiss a dog on the lips, I don’t want to be right. 🙂

  11. fleurdamour says:

    Mewclear subpurrine kitty scopes from below.

  12. Well, she’s not on the table! :mrgreen:

  13. Wow – 3 in 1!

  14. You should post that picture on

  15. 260Oakley says:

    A scene from “The Hunt for Red Octopurr.”

  16. Are you kidding? My cats tell ME where I can and cannot go!

  17. Yay Kaya!!! I’ve done that before…much to the chagrin of my dog. Although it’s apparently okay for HER to do that when she wants to.

  18. Lol. Poor kitty. I was at a meeting this morning where one of the catering staff almost dropped a whole chafing dish of bacon on the floor. Talk about trauma 🙂

  19. Mods??! which would was it?! Ah well…its not too early for a G & T is it?!

  20. WORD…not would. hmmm maybe I don’t need that G & T.

  21. That is some great looking, very lean bacon. And it’s lunch time! Gotta go, now.

  22. My dog had this look of, “EW! PEOPLE GERMS! EW!!!!!!!!!! “

  23. My kitties get all weirded out when I do it with my lip gloss/chap stick on.

  24. come on, emmy, we both know it’s never too early for a G & T.

  25. Go ahead and have one Emmylee, the harm is already done, may as well have some fun.

  26. zing! Oakley does it again!

  27. There’s bacon in that picture of a cat?

  28. Never underestimate a determined marmie girl. They have iron wills.

  29. It’s 5 pm somewhere right Tracylee? 😉 Gigi…thanks for not judging. I might have to wait until I get out of the office. Interoffice flasks are usually frowned upon 😉

  30. emmberrann says:

    You said it, Rachael! I sometimes had only to turn my back, and there they were, right where theywere NOT supposed to be!

  31. Blue Footed Booby says:

    From having many pets somehow accidentally cram paws in my mouth I can tell you with certainty:
    1. Different animals’ feet taste different
    2. Dog either have some kind of yeast naturally occurring on their paws, or secretly earn spending money brewing beer


  32. Sovieat technology!

  33. fleurdamour says:

    One degree of Kevin Bacon

  34. Stressfactor says:

    Those are some determined whackadoodle eyes as well. That is a kitty who could plan world domination it’s spare time. In fact, the bacon probably interrupted said planning for world domination….

  35. ie, that ‘cornchip’ smell folks are always referring to here. we like to say my dog has various ‘stinks’. paw stink, sleepy stink, hot stink (after a summer walk)… they’re all so good!

  36. Indeed 😀 I came home from a trip to see my parents and my Lavendar plant I had on the kitchen windowsil, where the sinks are, was gone. Dooley had gotten up and eaten my plant the little stinker!

  37. I hope your dog will love the kitty, Kaya 😀

  38. Ummm… I have to get his warm fuzzy muzzle against my lips hourly, i’m hooked. and then the soft feeling and faint stink stays with you and gives you the warm and fuzzies. It’s the main benefit of having a dog, I’ll have you know.

  39. And why is that bacon just sitting there, unfried and uneaten? What a shame.

  40. HAHA

  41. Our cat, Badger, (my brother, his male friend and me) will turn her ears sideways whenever I kiss her on the head 😆

  42. Your 9 month old kitten, Sutton, looks like she is trying to find a way to grab some bacon off that plate, Kelley S 😆 I hope you have nice weather in beautiful Casselberry, FL 😀

  43. My Stinky always took leave of his senses when I brought home a Chipotle chicken burrito. I swear, he turned into a burrito zombie. He was relentless.

  44. That;s pretty much why I let mine go everywhere. As soon as I’m out,I know he’s got on a smoking jacket, and is relaxing with a brandy snifter, while surfing the web for kitty porn.

  45. It’s 5 o clock somewhere. And that somewhere would be the Mod Lounge.

  46. Dogs are not dumb!

  47. The visual on that is just too moische for me. 🙂

  48. He’s wearing a monocle, too.

  49. Smallthunder says:

    Note to those color-coordinated: nose matches bacon.
    Or is it: bacon matches nose?

  50. theoretically, she could reach up, snag some bacon off the plate and technically never touch the table

  51. This is how I picture him:

  52. Very close, but he wears a hat like this:

  53. sabrina rose says:

    Hmm, unfortunate placement, right next to the photo of the pig who swam for miles to escape the slaughterhouse…

  54. I think the mod lounge should be stocked with bacon martinis…..,0,1415352.story

  55. I spread this pic around at work! But where in the world does Sutton’s hoomins get such delicious looking bacons?!?!?!? All i ever find is nothing but fatty bits, all kinds of good eatin’ meats in that bacon, no wonder kitteh wants eeet!!!

  56. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    That’s funny. Mine tend to wait until I put on lip balm and then faunce* past me and shed all over it.

    *It’s a word I picked up from my mom. I think it’s a cross between “flaunt” and “prance,” both in sound and meaning.

  57. Yeah, that’s always jarring. 😦

  58. To file in the “Chicken or the Egg” Folder.

  59. Looks like Vermont Smoke and Cure Bacon. Thick, meaty and oh so delicious. No, I cannot EVER bring it into the house again because my three feline overlords can smell it through hermetically sealed plastic. I tried once. The package was in a grocery sack and the Wee Boy got the sack to the ground, spilled the bacon package out of the sack and then, for the first and ONLY time in the history of their being together, the Wee Boy, the Grump and the Diva worked in concert to spirit away the bacon. I was laughing so hard watching the concerted efforts that they got it down the hall to the living room before I was galvanized into action and retrieved said bacon. The package went into the freezer and the Wee Boy will appear from no where, launch himself to the top of the fridge and start perusing the contents of the freezer anytime I open the door. He actually got IN once and had his fangs in the bacon package again. I don’t know how he knew!

  60. The dog like teh kitty, teh kitteh not so sure about dog.

  61. 😯

  62. *giggles at Firds response *

  63. Feline intuition.