Meh, Maybe Next Year

Snooty cats everywhere are resolving to make new friends.

Sigh, I sure know how to pick ’em.

We resolve to check out more of Miss Maxolotl & Rigby. Yes, Miss Max is an axolotl!


  1. Aww, salamander’s clearly smitten.

  2. Relevant:

  3. While awesome, the fact that someone made this just blows my mind to smithereens, from sheer confusion!

  4. lisaLASSIE says:

    This is one of the funniest, brilliant videos I’ve ever seen (and heard)! Can’t stop laughing.

  5. Waaaaaay too much time on their hands.. :D

  6. 8O

  7. cellarmouse says:

    i think that is the most wonderful link i’ve ever seen…

  8. I’m with you, cellarmouse. Laughed until I cried.

  9. when it became a salamander it went from being, like, British to Mexican?
    Science is amazing.

  10. Elaine From L.A. says:

    I agree with all of the above :~) I hope he doesn’t pop into my dreams tonight. They’re weird enough already :~/

  11. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Not at all surprised that this came from the same people who gave us the Viking Kittens and the Fishy Song.

  12. Miss Maxolotl looked like an albino rat at first glance, but I couldn’t tell what was up with her hind end. Now I know — thanks to the comments on your posts, and Google — and, as we’ve all heard, knowing is half the battle! (Or am I showing my age?)

  13. I wondered the same thing….
    Important Q at 1:11….

  14. HAHA

  15. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I knew what axolotls are (spellcheck tells me that’s the right pluralization, god what a weird word) and I still thought it was a rat. Did a double take when I saw the second pic.

  16. My first reaction was What the F is that?! :)

  17. I couldn’t work ou,t fer the life of me, what had happened to its back end.

    Fainting couch no longer required, thank yew.

  18. Me too. Maybe kitty got hungry and started nomming?

  19. Those things are creepy, even though their heads are cute.

  20. Axolotl is actually a word in the Aztec language (Nahuatl), which accounts for the weirdness. It translates to ‘water monster’.

    Xolotl (monster) is actually fairly respectful in Nahuatl, and a turkey is huaxolotl (‘big, impressive monster’), which is the original source of the Mexican-Spanish word for turkey, guajolote.

    In Nahuatl, the plural would be axolotlin. A curious thing about Nahuatl is that only living creatures get plurals; inanimate objects use the same form for both singular and plural.

  21. Ok, time for me to go home now. I have learned more than my daily quota requires.

  22. OMG: in all seriousness, that is absolutely fascinating! i love linguistics!!! thanks, serenpoly!
    we were actually studying Tenochtitlan in Art History class today…

  23. I thought it was a nekkid rat! Now I’m really intrigued (clearly more so than the kitteh). :)

  24. 8O

  25. ‘xackly how I’m reacting as well, Mlle Gigi

  26. Speaking of cat New Year’s resolutions…. ;-)

  27. Hahaha! Nice one J.!

  28. What a riot!! :)

  29. please oh please tell me the feesh’s name is Darwin

  30. Its actually an axolotl, a kind of salamander. They’re very fascinating creatures,

  31. He looks more like he wants to eat it than befriend it.

  32. I dunno…they kinda look like star crossed lovers bound to never be together. You know, kinda like myself and my high school boyfriend sooooo many years ago ;)

  33. And we all know how well those go for the majority of us don’t we.

  34. Axolotl is a great word, known to peeps who are nerdy enough to have had MAD magazine subscriptions and read the DUNE books. For Duneheads, though, you think of Axlotl tanks which may be the single creepiest thing in the whole Dune canon–which is saying a lot. 8O

  35. lisaLASSIE says:

    Thax a lotl strangeness there.

  36. Word.

  37. I would pick up that kitty and give him/her a cuddling and tell him/her “I don’t think that axolotl would be good for you to eat, kitty.” :D

  38. Kitty looks as confused as I am….”ees eet a feesh? a leezahrd? what the heck ees eet??”

  39. I’ve heard the axolotls called Oopa Loopas in Japan and have seen them being sold at pet stores. If you ever get the chance, go to a Japanese pet store. I’ve seen axolotls, squirrels, small owls, big owls, a small hawk, giant rabbits, crazy looking beetles, and marmots!

  40. :o

  41. Hmmm, vereh interesting….


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