Hello World

Xiao Liwu from the San Diego Zoo has just made his public debut! (Ooo, triple rhyme.) You can view him live, too!





First video from SD Zoo, second video from DoxieMom19. Photos from the zoo’s Flickr page.



  1. That is a brave little panda. I wouldn’t climb that high off the ground (relative to my own body height), on relatively smooth branches very much smaller than I am wide, if I didn’t have opposable thumbs.

  2. Ermagahd, he is precious! His face/eyes look like he’s thinking “HOLY SMOKES!!!”

  3. Squeeeee!!! So…so…..so…..bouncy!

  4. Clearly his mom didn’t choose the name- she seems to find him more of a little pest than a little gift!

  5. Pandas sort of do have thumbs. Both giant and red pandas have a “thumb” (really an extension of one of the bones in the wrist) and five fingers.

    Still a brave little panda!

  6. I must dedicate my life to making Panda Bears that stay cubs forever. I will use science and maybe some construction paper and those smelly markers. Maybe my mom could bring a snack. Then, the world will be a happy place and we could have cookies and juice all the time and there would be Panda cubs everywhere and we could take a nap.

  7. I can totally relate to this child’s mother; the post-partum tummy rolls, the purely selfish desire not to have to share your choc treats with your offspring….

  8. jnyjny, I’m certain that you need an assistant and – purely as a selfless gesture in the name of all humanity – I’m prepared to volunteer my time. I’ll even provide the smelly markers!

    When the momma swats the bebbeh away at :30 and when bebbeh fall down and go boom at :45… what more could I possibly need to make me smile?

  9. If mama needs a break I’m avalable as a panda sitter free of charge 24X7!
    Just call 1-800-auntie-gigi and I’ll rush right over!

  10. Dagnabit, now I’ve got to pull my brain back together and work. This is why I shouldn’t visit CO first thing in the morning!

  11. Roly poly!! Not to sound like a downer, but is it ok that mom keeps pushing him away like that? Is that normal? I don’t know these things so it’s a legit question. Just want to know if I need to get myself a big baby crib ready for my newly adopted pandy!

  12. Excellent! We’ll need those sciency white coats and I’ll use these blankets to make a fort, I mean a lab. Also, so cool you have the smelly markers.

  13. Jnyjny, we get to nap WITH the baby pandas, right?


  15. And IF you just so happen to be busy with sumfin else at ANY time, I will be so generous as to help you out…

  16. well yes. I will engineer them to lay in a blanket pattern so we stay warm.