Come to Me, Hand

Why must you torment me with your fickle ways? You’re the only hand for me. Do not abandon me for the remote, the phone, the scratching of the armpits. They will never love you like I love you. They will never… love you… like I love you.



  1. “Oh Mr. Hand…I will always love you, even if Mr. Bill does not appreciate you.”


  3. WIN! 😀

  4. Kitteh is all “Fine, I’ll just pet myself then.”

  5. Aloha, Mr. Hand.

  6. phred's mom says:

    Geez, hoomin,let me show you
    what to do. To oneself: they
    are dumb as dogs, sometimes!

  7. I love how the kitty is all: Look hand! This way! You rub my head this way, see?

  8. >splat<

  9. “The scratching of the armpits.” LOL at Mike for the evocative deployment of the definite article. 😆

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    I’m a big fan of Emmette Daigneault for the same reason… so entertaining.

  11. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Yes! That’s what it reminded me of.

  12. yes, NOMTOM, you did well 😀

  13. Of course, as is usual

  14. I wanna hold your HAAAAAND…

  15. Man, that is lazy–even for a cat!

  16. THAT’S exactly how a couple of my “kids” insist on being held but instead of rubbing their face they want their belleh rubbed from arm pit to kitty bits . The whole time either making air biscuits or touching our face &/or lips.

  17. Sweetest. Thing. EVER.

  18. P Hertz, I’m just about to go off to bed and now I have some lovely thoughts in my head to end the day. What a beautiful story.

  19. Seriously; it ‘s pretty reasonable…no passive-aggressive existentialist mind-games goin’ on. Clear, direct communication of his/ her emotional needs, to the other partner in the relationship …….. not standard of most kittehs 😉

  20. Lady Rune says:

    Love how towards the end the kitty is al “Look; this is how you pet!”

  21. omg, I was just talking about Mr. Bill yesterday! And laughing, of course!

  22. Such a sweet kitty 🙂

  23. I want to live there!!!

  24. My Jack (the Big Fat Orange Cat) does this all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. You know, like when I’m trying to sleep . . . . It’s not just when he wants petting, either. He also does it when he wants to eat, which is–you guessed it–ALL. THE. TIME.

    And yes, it’s still cute. Very cute.

  25. Aww iz a love a kitty. ❤

  26. Fer Gawd’s sake, pet the kitty already!!!!

  27. My 11-month-old daughter just squealed with delight at this video (we have two cats (and a dog) and she LOVES them).

  28. Yep 😆