When They Were Handing Out Nosicles

Sumbuddy fergot to stand in liiine! (singsong)

OK, peeps, promise sender-inner Yu that Mr. Zues will be booped with care.



  1. mindadale says:

    Who cares about a nose when you have a pleasantly plump tail and perfectly nom-able paws?

  2. “SQUUUUEEEEeeeeee!!!!!”

  3. I think he was standing in line twice for kitty treats!

  4. Winston’s long-lost cousin!

  5. I HAVE THE BEST NEWS EVER! I just found out that I should be able to get mah kitty before the end of the month! I see if I can send some pics when I do. 😀

  6. Congratulations, slave-to-be Kaya!

  7. Grumpy Cat Junior?!?

  8. phred's mom says:

    booping this one may take a while; zeroing in
    on the nosicle won’t be easy. I’m up to the
    task, howsomever, lemme attim! Stand back!
    Going in! *floop*

  9. LOVE IT!! I have two of these myself. The most wonderful kitties EVER

  10. :-D!

  11. He looks Cheshire cat-related! ❤

  12. SlaveToCat says:

    Mr Zues has chronic booping disease.
    The main symptom is hiding ones nose from CO peeps.

  13. It’s as if he is the love child of the Cheshire cat and Winston Churchill. But don’t think about that too much . . . .

  14. Unboopable nose aside, he is gorgeous! What fabulous coloring.

  15. Hmmmm; You rang??
    Well, I don’t know what my other Cheshire Cat associates are up to……;
    As for me: I’m too tired & involved in other things to participate in any such shenanigans…….! 🙄

  16. Yay!!!! Does kitty have a name yet? Many wishes for long years of snuggles!!

  17. Yep, her name is Adelle. 😀 (she had that name when I met her)

  18. Toasted marshmallow kitteh! OM NOM NOM

  19. He is so perfectly round. Perfect!

  20. What IS he? I want!

  21. Funny flat face! 😀 I love it!

  22. I think exotic short-hair.

  23. YAY Kaya!!!

    Is this the crazy-adorable grey & white floof of which we saw a similar kitty here on CO a few weeks ago? If I were you I would get NO SLEEP before or after receipt of said kittaye…

  24. thees eez whut Ah thot, two-hoo !!!

  25. kibblenibble says:

    My Isabella, a Persian, had a similar nose. She loved when I put my fingertip in the little crease just above her nose and scritched gently. She would actually place her face right on my finger so I’d do it. She was a little angel.

  26. tho thweet!!! 🙂

  27. Cutest faceeeeee! I rescued my three kitties, well one came from the street, under nourished came into my garage and sat on my lap! ……ok Im yours!,,,

  28. Reminds me of Voldemort.

  29. She is somewhat similar to that, only a lil’ fatter, and a couple brown patches.

  30. It’s like an anti-nose.

  31. so cute. 🙂 and beautiful blue eyes.

  32. AWW 😀 Congratulations on your new kitty, Kaya 😀

  33. AWW 😀 That one kitty from the street knew that you would take good care of him/her, Mimi 😀

  34. I would also like to add I am so glad that you are able to give a loving forever home to three rescue kitties, Mimi 😀 (BIG CYBER HUG)

  35. I want to add a BIG CYBER HUG to you, Kaya and your new kitty 😀

  36. AWW 😀 What a cutie 😀 I do hope Mr. Zues the kitty does not have any breathing problems. That is the only concern I have about such short nosed kitties.

  37. Thanks, Teresa! 😀

  38. We need to start a petition to make him a cast member of grumpycats.com!

  39. What kind of cat is this!!?