We Take You Now to the 23rd Annual Staring Contest Semifinals

Welcome back, inertia fans! And as we enter the fourth hour of this best-of-three match between reigning champ, Boris “The Bronze Bore” Bronson, and his plucky challenger, Wink “No-Blink” Dinkman, neither side shows signs of giving any ground in a contest that could last well into the evening…

Michal V. says: “Hi, Please meet Mishmish, at his best. Best Regards, Michal and Dimitri.”


  1. I am probably inertia’s biggest fan. I would get up and shake my pompoms for intertia, but you know . . .

  2. joools in PDX says:

    No I AM!
    “I have no erts. I have lost my ertia.” (James Thurber, “The Thirteen Clocks”).

  3. I would argue with you, but . . . *waves hand ineffectually, lets it drop*

  4. PS: Anyone else reminded of this Looney Toons classic? It’s a little heartbreaking.

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Mishmish is gorgeous! Look at all that floof!!

  6. So is Dmitri the statue dog?

  7. Mishmish is the real dog because his name means “apricot” in Hebrew and Arabic. Eize Khamud (what a cutie)!

  8. Looks like Dug from “Up”!

  9. Sharon Wilson says:

    I once saw a dog do a double-take when he saw a bronze Indian statue. They sure are easy to fool, aren’t they?

  10. It’s their innocence and willingness to trust that makes them so devastatingly adorable.

  11. pupfanatic says:

    Rachael, yes that AND the flopping earsies, heart-stopping black eyes, shiny wet nostrils, and golden fur. Nothing much.

  12. SlaveToCat says:

    I don’t know who will win, but I do know who will be tinkled on if he doesn’t let the other one win.

  13. reminds me of:

  14. Won’t someone please play with the poor dog?

  15. What delightful European country is that, please. I wish to go there.

  16. Woah, that’s superclose to where my boyfriend lives! It’s in Amsterdam: 52.375457,4.848395

  17. I wish to go there, too. Oooohh, nice.

  18. Luv the Netherlands. They have such good things there, like art, and cheese, and mind blowing bridges like this one:http://www.yatzer.com/The-Invisible-Bridge-of-RO-AD-Architects

  19. i so wish i was there

    and had a pet sqwerl and money on the game

  20. Mishmish is a great name! Makes you wanna hug and skwish the mishmish! :)

  21. It means “apricot” and is almost onomatopoetic. You know, when apricots get a little squishy. What a great name for a dog.

  22. PS It’s pronounced “MEESH-meesh.” I think that makes it even cuter.

  23. He looks more like “hi how are you? “

  24. Reminds me of that “Arrested Development” quip:

    …they said I could leave for the second hour of silent prayer.

  25. Sounds like Christmas at Ann’s.

  26. On the nose.

    I loved that show. Jumping the shark, Bob Lablab. Never nudes. Judge Reinhold….

  27. There are dozens of us.

  28. Onyong, I’m such a blowhard, Afternoon Delight, Ed Begley, Does this mean mommom is coming to live with us, COME ON!, and my favorite… get rid of the Seaward.


  29. Are you kidding? It’s going to be a Bluth Family celebration. That’s no place for children.

  30. That’s okay because Buster couldn’t get the day off from Army.

  31. MrsKravitz says:

    Mishmish, love it! Is it because of his beautiful apricot coloring? (Hebrew speakers unite!)

  32. Michal Velev says:

    Toda raba! Yes, his fur color (especially on belly, where it’s in delicate pastel orange) gave me an idea for the name. He’s a proud Tel Aviv native, currently a resident of Prague and a restless world traveller. Shalom!

  33. i also saw the names mishmish and michal and thought, “yay, a jewish doggie!” :)

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    I’ll bet if you offered the live one a hot dog, the staring contest would come to an abrupt end. (The statue one would win)


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